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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 41
July 2006
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Live Events and Gatherings

Our members have some great ideas for gatherings.  We want to invite you to look at Help Topic 2514 for information on how to request an Eliters-sponsored Live Event or Gathering

It's an easy process to follow.  We ask that you submit the requested details from the help topic in an email to VP Marketing.  The only requirement is that the event location must be a public place, not someone's house.

Eliters will create an Event webpage specifically for your gathering.  This webpage will list all of the details of your gathering, including the location information, lodging information, schedule of events, information about live tourneys (if applicable, but not required), and any associated costs.  This page will also provide RSVP capabilities so you will know who is interested in your event.  For examples of past Live Events, refer to the Events tab at the top of this page and select the Live link.  You can view past and future events here.

Once your event is approved and posted, you are free to advertise in the clubs and Newsletter. Once your event is complete, you can even send us some pictures, and we'll include on your event page.

It's really simple to organize an Eliters event or gathering.  We will help you in any way we can.  There are many concerns (liability, safety, etc) that prohibit us from allowing promotion of non-Eliters events in the club, so we ask that you follow the steps and submit your request to Eliters. 

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