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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 42
August 2006
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Backgammon Pogo Spotlight

In upcoming Months, the Newsletter Team will be spotlighting various Leagues around our wonderful Site.
The first spotlight is Backgammon Pogo (BGP).  Thanks to NYCtrelo (Nikki) and Adclerk2001 (Baz) for their time in helping with information regarding their League.
Although, BGP in the past few months have been struggling for players, Adclerk2001 (HA) and NYCtrelo (Nikki) are currently trying to rebuild this wonderful league, which in the past used to be strong and competing for Top Honors in Pogo.  Rebuilding a League, recruiting committed players and staff alike, is hard and tedious work, but with the determination of these Admins, we know that it will happen. 
Already some interesting things have started to happen.  The BGP team has tourneys up each and every day for everyone to enjoy, with different formats and entry fees.  Two former TDs have now rejoined this team, Imavixen247 and Ginmaster333, and they are well on their way to providing more gaming pleasure. 
BGP provides different kinds of formats, with different entry fees for all to enjoy.  Guest tournaments are always set at 25-50 YEP entry, and Premium Tournaments can range anywhere from 75 YEPs and higher.  We have a wide variety of games also, from no hitters, to high stake Tournies, RRs, SRRs, DEs and on occasion we also do a Tag Team Tourney.
BGP also has weekly tournaments to pick from, different times of the day and evening, with a wide variety of the match points for each tournament set.  Bonuses are always set for the players, which they all very much enjoy of course!! And also EDS is making a comeback in this League.  The next period starts on August 15, so be sure to register to play today!
Backgammon is what you call a challenging game, it tests your logic and strategic skills in so many ways.  A lot of people are confused by the Cube, but that's where the dedicated Administrative and TD staff come along and help.  Its very hard to describe in full what the "cube" is in its entirety, but they will be sure to help you with the strategy of using it.  You can also get Cube information in the following posts:
If you are interested in helping BGP grow, consider becoming a TD.  It is just a click away!!

Read Up on Backgammon and BGP rules

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