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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 42
August 2006
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Getting Married

I want to first say to the special one I met here 2 years ago September 18 which is approaching fast day after day. I love you with all my heart!!!!!!

I never thought I would meet someone from Eliters when I first joined that I was going to marry someday.

You have turned my life around in such away that I can't even begin to explain it.

I also want to say this I guess. Thanks for giving me a son and also too the lovely young daughters I now have. I love them with all my heart also.

Thanks to this family I now have that I have something to awake to each and every day. I wanted to pass this along so you know that I think of all of ya each every minute of the day.

Thanks Eliters for making my first and foremost dream I have had come true.

We have planned to get married on September 18 exactly 2 years from the date I met her for the first time in person.

Now that I am half choked up with emotions from trying to word this in such away that you know I truly love you very much!!!!!

Much love to the family and the Eliters also I have met here. You made it all possible :)

--Neon (Walter), HA/Canay


sniff sniff...=)...don't know if I should boo hoo...well, already did, lol...or =)=)...doing both, lol...

Seems just like it was last week...that I began counting down the days...and it was going to be a little over 4 months at the time I began counting...from our date of marriage this coming September. There is only a little over 2 months left now. He asked what day, and I said any day is fine, but, if I had a choice, the day we met...almost 2 years ago...=)...so, that is the day.

I never thought I would meet let alone marry someone from Eliters as well, but, that's what became of me "peeking" @ his profile one day, lol...no, it was an advertisement in lobby for camel cigs, I think, lol...

LOL @ you not being able to explain it, and I thought I had a hard time expressing myself @ times...=)

(and he thinks he's choked up, lol)

Anywho, 3:30 in the afternoon...September 18th...maybe I should count down the hours now, lol...and I am sure one of us if not both will throw a party of yeps in Canay soon after this event...=)

I should add, that, Walter is the only one who has ever been there for the girls...and I mean ever...=)...they both wish to take his last name, too...=)

I always wanted a family, but, didn't have one until I met you. I always hoped for a son, too, and used to wish that he would be a Jr, and guess what? He is a Jr, lol...=)...I like to call him Little Walter, though...=)

As far as me turning his life around, well, he turned all of our lives around, too.

I love you with all of my heart, too, hunny...=)...and the kids including the 2 extra that came along w/ me lol...love you too...=)

--Mary, takeawildguessagain

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