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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 43
September 2006
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Spotlight on Hearts Yahoo!

This month's spotlight is on Hearts Yahoo! (Hearty).

Hearts is a fun game to play, and the Hearty family wants you to know that we really do enjoy hosting tourneys for you!  We enjoy the time we spend with you and we will gladly help in any way we can to make your visit in the Newbie Nook a fun and pleasurable time.

Hearts is a game that does take a small time to understand the strategies, but it's not a difficult game to learn.   Put most simply, the basic game is the one where each heart is worth 1 point, and the Queen of Spades is worth 13 points. The object is to get as few points as possible, as lowest score wins. But, if you collect all 26 points (all of the hearts and the Queen of Spades) you do what we call shooting the moon, and you can choose to add 26 points to everyone else's score or subtract 26 points from your score!

Hearty offers different slants and styles of the game, for your playing enjoyment. They are as follows:

  1. Reverse: You need to get as many points as possible because highest score wins, but shooting the moon is a BAD thing in this game as you don't want to give points to anyone else or subtract 26 points from yours.
  2. Deuces Wild: All "Deuces Wild" games are to be contested at Unrated tables. The Player Holding the Deuce of Clubs, who receives the "Yahoo Arrow" AFTER THE PASSING OF CARDS each hand, MUST change seats with any other player of his/her choice. It is the player with the ARROW that gets to select a New Seat in the game.
  3. Skip the No Pass Hands: By default, Yahoo Hearts plays "no pass" on every 4th hand. We play a variation in Eliters called "Skip the No Pass Hands". In this variation, every 4th hand (the "no pass" hand) is to be SKIPPED by all players (by hitting the "skip hand" button at upper right). The game will then advance to the next hand, which will be "pass left". In other words, the Sequence should be Pass Left, Pass Right, Pass Across, (skip No Pass hand), Pass Left, etc.  If an error is made on the No Pass hand and the holder of the deuce of clubs leads before the hand is skipped, simply stop play and everyone hit the "Skip Hand" button to cancel the hand. The game is played at rated tables, and is otherwise normal Hearts, no jack.
  4. Play No Pass Hands Only: By default, Yahoo Hearts plays "no pass" on every 4th hand. We play a variation in Eliters called "Play No Pass Hands Only" on Rated Tables.  In this variation, every hand is the "No Pass" hand. All other hands will be SKIPPED by all players (by hitting the "skip hand" button at upper right).  The game will then advance to the next hand until it reaches "No Pass". In other words, the Sequence should be Skip Pass Left, Ship Pass Right, Skip Pass Across, then Play No Pass hand. Continue this way till match is finished.

This League has some great Admins and TDs to assist all players that join their tournaments.  The HA is Elitersaces (Ron) is from Canada.  He is always ready with a big smile to help anyone who asks.  The AA is the one and only Mayor Sillytown, Marty Party Flyingzoo, horace_mcChouffe (Marty) from England who just loves everybody and always has a silly joke or two for you.  AA1 is Okokyourtheboss (Barb), also from Canada, who is very sweet and always ready to give you a smile and a helping hand whenever she can.  Then there's our newest SrTDs, ZeraRose and Sugargallon, both great TDs and always willing to host just for you. We also have our resident HTD, DarkWolf (Jeff) a past Hearty HA who is always ready to help whenever he can.

Have you always wanted to play Hearts, just was never sure how to do it?  Ask anyone in the Hearty League and they will help you out with any questions that you have.   Read up on Rules of Hearty check out Help Topic 3141.  

So come on in, take a seat in our lobby and join us for some great Hearty fun in one of our many tourneys that we have just for your playing pleasure!

~ Team Hearty

Join Hearty Now!!

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