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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 43
September 2006
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Newsletter Editor Ponderings

As we all know, each and every premium member has the option of posting anything they want in the Clubs.  Each Eliters League has their own Clubs, and there are always very interesting Topics and Conversations, well wishes, and personal information that players like to share with each other, announcements, and Tourney news. 

Administration, TDs, and players alike, are kept up-to-date with the newest and latest news from Corporate whenever there is new information that Corporate always works so hard to give us each and every day.  As Newsletter Editor, The Clubs is one of the biggest sources of information that I use to help create this Newsletter for each and every one of you. I peruse them as often as possible, jotting down, interesting tidbits, achievements, accolades and whatever catches my eye.  Although I do not know each and every Eliter and League, as I do not know all the games or all the people, I come across things sometimes, that make me smile, laugh out loud, and cry.  The outpouring of love and sense of family that most of the members post, always brings a warmth to my heart.  It is because of this, that when every so often there is a post, that is negligent, or slanderous, that it disturbs me greatly. 

We all are entitled to our opinion, whatever that opinion may be, and not everyone is going to agree with what is written.  Everyone has the ability to say what they want, and some are better at it then others.  When I read posts that flame others, are slanderous, and downright nasty, or belligerent to other people, I wonder first of all how can people be so mean?  Yes, you can say, its the internet, yes you can say, that you don't truly know the person on the other side of the computer, a faceless name, and people are not always who they portray online.

But I do know this.  That on the whole, all Eliters are a family, a friendly group, kind, funny, loyal to the games that they play, and even sometimes they meet the man or woman of their dreams, and live happily ever after.  People are people, we are not perfect, no one is, and when these comments or posts in the Clubs happen, I always wonder what makes this person who posted it, think that they can do so, and not face any consequences for their actions.  People can portray whatever they wish to be on line, for a period of time, but eventually their true colours come out.  When someone can ridicule someone even in print as in a club posting, is it their weaknesses that are showing?  The saying that, people only make fun of other people, to make themselves feel superior, comes to mind.

Eliters Staff, Admin, and TDs that are hosting in your favorite league are human and yes they make mistakes.  Players that are not so friendly or are rude at the tables, are human, and maybe it is just a bad day for them.  Be the bigger person, play the game, be polite as always, and win or lose you will feel better because of it.

Not everyone is the same, the world would be a boring place if we were, but I truly believe that in every single one of us, there is a good side.  The human spirit and the goodness in each and everyone of us Eliters, is what makes me proud to be a part of this Wonderful League.


Rules on Club Postings

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