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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 44
October 2006
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My Life as an Eliter

Do you ever wonder why you do the things you do? What reason can there be that you would on a personal level, get involved so deeply about something that really doesn't enhance your every day life, monetarily?  Yet, you give it 100% of your time and effort.  Are you sitting back thinking, okay she is patting herself on the back because of all that she does, which really isn't a heck of a lot when you look at the grand scale of things.

Once upon a time, I signed up for pogo because of the free games that someone told me I could play.  I was an avid Euchre player since my early teens, and poker, seeing that there wasn't a Saturday night that went by, and my folks and grandparents and aunt and uncles of some sort were at our kitchen table playing poker.  You name it, they played it, probably strip poker too, knowing them, after us kids went to bed. 

So I sat for a bit, played some Euchre, and switched over to Crib one night as it is my father's favorite game, and I thought, hmmm, let me go practice some so I can kick him on summer vacation.  As I am sitting there one day I notice in the Lobby all these people laughing and joking.  There was this person typing in Caps, and I thought at the time, how rude is that, but being the shy and quiet person that I am... I just let it go.  Debzgame was the person TDing that night in Gang Green, and I sat and watched and watched and had to chuckle a few times at all the going ons in the room, and finally spoke up and said what are Tourneys and how do you sign up.

Thank goodness I know a computer, so within 20 minutes I was an Eliter.  I played that night and every night for the next little bit, as a Guest Player, met all kinds of very nice people, and suffice to say I was hooked.  I excitedly told my 14 year old daughter about this great Crib League which is under Eliters, and she looked at me and said, oh I have been playing Eliters in Pooly since September. 

What attracted me to this particular League Cribp under the big umbrella of Eliters? The laughter, the banter, the fun that was in the Lobby.  What still attracts me to Eliters?  The fun, the banter and the laughter that is in any Lobby that I go into play.  Also, I have made some friends, that I will have for a lifetime.  In the early days there was Scorp, Peg, Di, Brat, Shorthose, Tbear, Purple, night after night, late nights till 2 or 3, I played, and lost my YEPs, bought some more, lost them again, and then decided to give a hand at TDing.  I thought how hard could it be? 

And so it began, TDing late nights when Scorp couldn't....tourneys flying, till 2 or 3 am...it was easy, it was fun, and although I wasn't playing, I was doing what I liked the most about Eliters, interacting and having fun with my friends.

That was over 3 years ago, I have been Admin in Cribp for less then 6 months from my start date, I became AA in April of the same year, and then HA 9 months later.  This is home, this is family, even through the good and bad times.  Yes I have been on the end of an irate player, more times then I can care to admit; I have actually had players make me cry, I get so frustrated and angry at them.  But not once have I ever wanted to just throw it in.

Why?  I have a support system, I have a great set of TDs that I call my friends and family, and I know I have a great AA and TGL that I count on to get me through thick and thin.  Its called Teamwork and family, and without these guys in my life, I probably wouldn't do what I do.

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