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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 45
November 2006
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League Spotlight -- Pool 8Ball GamesDesire (Pool8D)

Pool 8Ball GameDesire (Pool8d) is a small league working hard to provide a variety of tourney offerings to Eliters Members.  They have grown in size and activity since their debut and currently serve over 300 registered players.  Not all 300 are active at any one time, but the league has a good following of loyal players and has grown to a staff of six TDs.
The league currently offers regular Tourneys and major Eliters Events, such as the Decathlon, Marathon, PAT, BOS, Olympics and Welcome tourneys.  The league also hosts Eliters Division System (EDS) and is actively looking for players to fill the next period (starting Nov 15).  Auntducknc05 works hard as the DPA for this event and can be contacted with any questions.
The league prides itself on the great group of TDs.   They are truly a world-wide league with Nightro and Aunty coming from New Zealand; Gissa from England; and Clay, Badboy and Flossy from the US.  With the time difference they are able to host many varied hours.  Nitro and Aunty can host almost right through the night from 1am to 6am Eliters time.  Flossy works hard in the late mornings and now being able to add some evenings.  Gissa can typically host early afternoons, and Clay (when not driving trucks) can cover the 7am to 10am slots. 
GameDesire playsite has a completely different look and feel from the Yahoo and Pogo sites.  If you haven't wandered over to GameDesire, you should to just have a look.  The Eliters leagues each have their own lobby, and the TD team is in total control of that lobby - there are no spammers or bots.  If you just want to come on in and look around at the surroundings and see how different the games are, contact one of the TDs to get more information or play a few practice games.  These folks can show you the sights and set you up for a game of pool.
The Head Administrator is Neil (nightronz).  The newly-promoted Assistant Administrator is Flo (flossy_pride).  The Divisions Period Administrator (for EDS) is Aunty (auntyducknz05).  The TDs are Will (clayinelite), Gissa (eliters_league_gissa), and Rick (BadBoy239).  Add these folks to your messenger if you want to be notified of upcoming Tourneys or find a quick practice game. 
If you would like to join this great TD team, contact one of the Admin or Fill out an Application
The league has a variety of tourney offerings, such as: 
  • Tourneys with and without timers, including Regular matches, Best 2 of 3 and Best 3 of 5.
  • Last Pocket -- The eight ball must be sunk in the same pocket as your last ball (stripe or solid) went into.
  • Bank to Finish -- Either the black or white ball must be banked off a cushion before the black is potted.
  • Standard Team -- Each team member plays one Match with a member of the other team.  Matches are played simultaneously, on 2 different tables; any pairings are acceptable.
Neil and all of the TDs look forward to all Eliters Members coming over to GameDesire and having fun.  You won't be sorry you did!

For more information on Pool 8Ball games and rules

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