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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 45
November 2006
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November Events

For more information on the following special events now scheduled, refer to the Events Calendar.  Not all leagues have scheduled all events, so stay tuned to the Events page and club announcements for more events details!

Nov 6-10 week

  • Decathlons in Dominoes Pogo (DOP), Hearts Yahoo (HEARTY), Pinochle Yahoo (PINOY), and Pool Yahoo (POOLY)
  • BOS in Dominoes Yahoo (DOY) and Pinochle Yahoo (PINOY) 
  • Player Appreciation Tourneys (PAT) on Friday, Nov 10th 

Nov 11-12 weekend

  • Olympics Yahoo!
  • Marathon Saturday in Euchre Pogo (EUCHP) 
  • BOS in Pool Yahoo (POOLY)

Nov 13-17 week

  • Decathlon in Backgammon Yahoo (BGY), Bowling Pogo (BOWLP), Cribbage Pogo (CRIBP), Cribbage Yahoo (CRIBY), Dominoes Yahoo (DOY), Literati Yahoo (LITY), Pool 8Ball GameDesire (POOL8D), and Spades Yahoo (SPADY) 
  • BOS in Hearts Yahoo (HEARTY), Dominoes Pogo (DOP), Euchre Pogo (EUCHP), Cribbage GameDesire (CRIBD)

Nov 18-19 weekend

  • Olympics Pogo
  • Marathon Saturday in Backgammon Yahoo! (BGY), Bowling Pogo (BOWLP), Cribbage Pogo (CRIBP) and Literati Yahoo (LITY)
  • Marathon Sunday in Cribbage Yahoo (CRIBY) and Pool Yahoo (POOLY)

Nov 20-24 week

  • Decathlon in Canasta Yahoo! (CANAY), Euchre Pogo (EUCHP), and Euchre Yahoo (EUCHY)

Nov 25-16 weekend

  • Marathon Saturday in Dominoes Pogo (DOP), Euchre Yahoo (EUCHY), and Gin Yahoo (GINY)
  • Marathon Sunday in Hearts Yahoo (HEARTY) and Pool 8Ball GameDesire (POOL8D)
  • BOS in Backgammon Yahoo (BGY) and Cribbage Yahoo (CRIBY)

Nov 27-30 week

  • BOS in Spades Yahoo (SPADY)

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