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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 46
December 2006
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Eliters Poetry

 -- submitted by froggie_h0p

Eliters is the place to be
You can play many a game for free

Eliters is the place to go
Your skills you do show

Eliters is the place to be
You will find good friends like me

Eliters is the place to go
You can learn lots of words like sambo and gumbo

Eliters is the place to be
Just type ELITERS.COM in your browser and come join me!

Happy Halloween To All !!! Epitaph for Desires
 -- submitted by wonagametwice

Here lies Desires...
A Giny TD was he.
All day long, he waited to play
But he couldn't get back till the middle of May.

He was a great cook indeed.
After his cheeseburgers, antacids were in need.
He never again will be number 1
'Cause look out look out for a TD named Won.

He was yelled at for posting in the wrong club
He sometimes gave players a swift little rub
Desires Desires, we sure miss you
(others may think it is their dream come true)

He's not in Gin, or hangin in the Crib
We all wonder if he is wearing a bib
A cheeseburger, some fries, a soft drink and pie
Desires Desires come back before we cry.

Rudolf the Reighman
 -- submitted by NUCK_MASTER

Rudolf the Rednosed reighman
Had a very shiny Crown,
And if you ever saw it,
You'd know why the ladies frown.

All of the Eliter ladies
'Usely called reighman names
They didn't want poor reighman
to play in any more BOS Games

Then like every Friday night
HA PITA MAN came to say
Reighman with your skills so bright
Lead our MEN to WIN tonight

Now all the Lady ELITERS
Are Crying and pouting out with GLEE
Cause Rudolf the Red nosed Reighman
Is winning once more, with EEEase.

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