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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 47
January 2007
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League Spotlight - Literati Yahoo (LITY)

If you're a fan of word games, then you'd love Literati.  Literati is similar to Scrabble, which has been around for years in the form of a board game.  The playing board is a bit different in Literati, and the tile selection can vary from game to game, but the basic concept of placing tiles to form words is the same.  There are certain strategies in Literati that can greatly increase your scoring capability.  Many of these are outlined in the Literati Help Topics 4331 & 4333.  

There are  many variations of the Literati game in Eliters.  Currently, there are 63 formats, some having unlimited bingos (playing all 7 of your tiles in a single play getting a 35 point bingo bonus), some allowing a limited number of bingos and some allowing no bingos.  While we can't explain all of the formats in this article, here are a few of the players' favorites:

  • Pick-a-Side: 5/10, 1 B max. 1st player makes 1st word vertically, 2nd player chooses side for 1st word, left or right, then each player must stay on their side.
  • Top-bottom: 5/10, 1 B max. 1st player makes 1st word horizontally, 2nd player chooses side for 1st word, bottom or top, then each player must stay on their side.
  • 2x2 - 4P; 4-Player format, Partners should sit opposite to each other. Team with the higher combined score advances, and the Losing Team Captain reports loss on tourney page. Tourneys can be played as Single Elimination (SE), Double Elimination (DE), Round Robin (RR), or Super Robin (SR).
  • Set me up partner: 5/10, 2 B max per TEAM. Partners sit beside each other, allowing one partner to set the other one up during game.
  • Taboo Letter: 5/10, No B. TD chooses a letter prior to start of tourney. If player uses that letter during game s/he loses.
  • Forbidden Color: 5/10, No B. TD chooses a color prior to start of tourney. If a player uses that color during a game s/he loses.

Lity's very creative staff members are always coming up with new ideas for even more variations of the game.  They do love to keep things interesting for the players!  Come meet the TD team! 

  • Lity Admin consists of golfinmimi4 (HA), noveece (AA) and a vacationing woo8fan (AA1). 
  • The TD Staff consists of raych4eliters (GL) who also serves as DPA, SrTDs: abbykittykitty03, chvy8laady, fr0ggie_h0p, pflmark44,  snickers_6277,  synchro111, xlx_4my_xlx, yepper_roos,  and Jr TD christina_ca1105.  
  • There are also two former HAs who serve as HTDs in Lity: c619cat3 & chicana323scla as well as a former AA: she_wantsmore2.

If you'd like to give Lity a try, but are not sure how to play, you can contact any member of the Lity staff, and they'd be more than happy to help you get started.  The staff members are always eager to show new players how to play and explain the various formats. 

For more information on Literati, refer to the following Help Topics:
  • 3146 Literati (Yahoo!)
  • 4331 Literati Tips
  • 4332 Literati Word of the Day
  • 4333 Literati Formats - Playing Strategies

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