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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 47
January 2007
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Raffle Results

We finished four Raffles in the last month.  Congrats to all of our winners!

Raffle 29: 

  • First Place:   eliters8ballman
  • Second Place:   juliana21102000
  • Third Place:   kittykattigger88, kimbaaa2003, softnlacy57, olovetoloveuo, wonagametwice, NUCK_MASTER, lana_banana74, kutyakuna, sunnyeliter, and spazann

Raffle 30:  Anniversary Raffle, Part 1

  • First Place:   efren9reyes9
  • Second Place:   govikings7472
  • Third Place (13):  Lisaleasah, tdgeorgey, omacando2001, debbiedooo36, omacando2001, juliebayougal, Snowman66me, lj_lynn, nowiknowu2, mrsluckiestbrat, nfltitan, x0xLuxyx0x, and ElitersFungus

Raffle 31:  Anniversary Raffle, Part 2

  • First Place:   Cyrille44
  • Second Place:   oopsthereitizzz
  • Third Place (13):   efren9reyes9, olovetoloveuo, Gumshoe_Steve, efren9reyes9, richjb54, medic23p09, the_way_we_were76, desires_no1, oopsthereitizzz, TurboTim555, spazann, CityMagic06, and overseer371

Raffle 32:  Holiday Raffle

  • First Place:   barbarasechini
  • Second Place:   bodoistvan
  • Third Place (10):   Cyrille44, criminally_insaneus, oopsthereitizzz, elitersalli, NUCK_MASTER, crazy4myhubby31, efren9reyes9, pyroskennels, govikings7472, and the_way_we_were76

New Years Raffle #33 is now open! and has 12 great prizes:

  • Grand Prize - your choice of 6-mo Diamond Membership, 15000 YEPs, or $50 Cash
  • 2nd Prize - your choice of 6-mo Platinum Membership, 7500 YEPs, or $25 Cash
  • 10 Other Prizes - your choice of Gold Membership, 24-period EDS subscription, 4500 YEPs, $15 Cash, and several prizes from the Eliters store (including T-shirt, cap, mouse pad, strategy books, single-player games, etc)

Ticket Price is 100 YEPs each.  Once 1000 tickets are taken, the prizes will be announced!  Be one of the first!  Pick your favorite numbers now!  What are you waiting on? 

Get your tickets now!

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