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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 47
January 2007
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2006 - A Year in Review

2006 was a great year for Eliters.  Take a look at some of the changes and accomplishments:

Eliters Olympics were enhanced in 2006. 

  • GameDesire was added to the lineup in January. 
  • In March, start times of events were standardized across all playsites. 
  • New Pogo games were added in April and June. 
  • Prizes across all Olympic events were standardized and we introduced prize multipliers for Gold+ Premium Members. 
  • The schedule began rotating in May so that players across all time zones had a chance to play their favorite games during the year.    

Eliters Events changed and improved:

  • Marathon prizes were changed in January with the Bonus Pot reallocation and addition of prizes for most tourneys won during the day. 
  • Marathon Status link was added in March to help players check progress during the day. 
  • In March, Bonus Multipliers were introduced to TOC and Olympics to increase YEP prize amounts for Gold+ Premium Members.
  • GameDesire Pool leagues hosted three months of Interleague Challenge events starting in May. 
  • Decathlon scoring system was revamped in May to base point awards on the number of rounds played. 
  • EDS rules for unplayed matches were updated in April and further clarified in December.
  • Bowlp and Pool8d were added to the EDS lineup.
  • PAT bonus increased in July to 50 YEPS per player.  We also made it easier to qualify by reducing the minimum number of matches to 24.

New Membership Rewards were introduced and existing programs enhanced.

  • Referral Program was enhanced in February to increase the bonus to players who refer new Guest and Premium members. 
  • "It Pays to be Premium" program was introduced in March that phased in "bonus multipliers" to activity bonuses, referral bonuses, and major events. 
  • Membership Renewal program was enhanced in June to provide more rewards for members renewing membershipd before expiration dated and those buying or renewing membershipd higher than their previous one. 
  • In June, TDs began receiving cash bonuses for hosting activity and those with Gold or Higher Memberships were given "Gold Plus Hosting Bonuses."
  • YEPs Transfer program was enhanced in July to allow Platinum and Diamond members higher transfer rates (with lower administrative fees).  Fees were also removed from the Guest Refill program.  In December, Gold members were added to the YEPs Transfer program. 
  • October began our series of "Anniversary Presents" to reward Eliters for activity, random chance, membership purchase and renewal, and loyalty. 

Eliters Site and System Updates included:

  • Eliters RSS was introduced to the web pages in February.
  • In March, Improvements were made to Eliters Messenger on the tourney pages, Members profile pages, hall of fame and clubs, the Search system, and TD Evaluation system.  Tools Tips were also introduced. 
  • In April, we gave 2x2 leagues the ability to start SR tourneys with a minimum of 2 teams. 
  • In May, Tourney pages were updated to allow better access to rules pages.
  • Loading of EDS pages were sped up in June with great system improvements.
  • New servers were added to Eliters in November to increase our speed and capacity. 
  • New links were added to help players see their progress in qualifying for Activity bonuses. 
  • "Tourney Opened by" message was added to the tourney pages in November, and "Message Deleted by Poster" note was added for club messages. 
  • New groups were added (germany, health, jokes, politics) in November. 
  • Intermediate and Masters Tourney eligibility ratings were raised in November.

Our Players and TDs also were kept busy in 2006:

  • Net Registered players:  36,935 (an increase of 9% over 2005)
  • Average Weekly Active Players:  2,559 (an increase of 6% over 2005)
  • Cumulative number of Tourneys topped 751,342 (19% increase), and average number of tourneys per week stayed steady at 2,874.
  • Cumulative number of Matches count grew to 3,977,501 (14% increase), and average number of matches per week increased to 11,075 (5% increase)

 Thank you for being part of our 2006.  Let's make 2007 even better!

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