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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 48
February 2007
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Heck of a Ginner

 -- Submitted by baron_von_byron

I don't normally write to Eliters about anyone (good, bad, or indifferent).  I have made player notes saying what a great player someone was.  And yes, as a TD I have had to make those notes that say what a rotten person someone was in a tourney, including the screenshots to prove it.   However, today I would like to mention someone whose kindness to a fellow Eliter touched me.  We all care about those we get to know here at Eliters, and we would do things for them that we might not do for those we don't know quite as well. 

We have one player here in Giny that went beyond that and practiced one of the "random acts of kindness" we all hear about and seldom see beyond what we do personally and privately.  Mainlake2 heard us talking in the lobby to a new Eliter who wished to get in a tourney that was a premium one that guests could not enter.  The new Eliter is a youngster, just 14 years old and well on his way to becoming a card shark!  

Main promptly volunteered to donate a silver to this new Eliter and went to cash in some YEPs to get the "kid" a silver.  When he couldn't find where to do this fast enough for the tourney in question, Main bought him one.   No YEPs involved; this was cold hard cash money. 

We were all sort of shocked.  I mean, we have all seen it happen when someone has enough YEPs to give someone else a silver, but to say to heck with that and just go buy someone a premium membership takes a special kind of person.   Main is just that.  Kind and special and another one of the many reasons I love Giny and its players. 

Just making a player note didn't seem to be enough to acknowledge his kindness and generosity.  By the way...the player he bought a silver for promptly beat us both!  ~lol~...I warned Main he would too!  Ya'll watch out for T_MAC_1_KID.  He is gonna be a terrific Eliter!     Byron

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