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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 49
March 2007
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Something Amazing!

Something AMAZING happened in Criby last week.  Two of our TDs decided they were going to go out and break some records! When we all saw the schedule we scratched our heads, called the league therapist (reduced rates for Eliters) and it was decided that they were both definitely crazy but young and strong and so we let them…well, go crazy!


Blake4563 lives in the Harwich, UK and has been a Criby TD since Sept – he openly admits that he loves nothing more than a good challenge! 


DruryHigh2006 is a freshman at the University of Connecticut and joined the Criby TD ranks in mid-January 2007 – and figured he couldn’t pass up a good challenge.  Blake cracked the Criby record for number of tourneys the second week of February – and set the bar really high!


So there they were with over 400 tourneys prescheduled two weeks in advance between the two of them.    We waited, we wondered and when Sunday hit… they were off, going strong! They kept going and going and going.  Days, nights, more days, more nights.  Around the clock they kept hosting – alternating times with each other, a few other TDs managed to get on the schedule but basically we all decided to support the crazies and be here when they dropped.


The amazing things that happened – they didn’t drop!  New ELITERS records were set!!

  • Drury hosted a mere 213 tourneys with 132,800 YEPs! 
  • Blake hosted 190 tourneys with 96,600 YEPs. 
  • Criby broke all our previous records for rating and number of tourneys hosted! 

But those were not the most amazing achievements – what was truly amazing and what made us so proud, was the fact that both Blake and Drury supported each other through this ordeal, by playing in each others tourneys and spamming for each other.  When Drury decided he was going for the number of YEPs generated record with only 25 tourneys to go, he drained his piggy yep bank and added huge bonuses to his tourneys.  Excitement was tangible in the lobby and the support from the players was phenomenal.  We all knew we were part of something very special that week and everyone proved what great players and what a little league with heart could achieve.


When asked about the week Blake said, “What inspired me was after seeing how many tourneys Drury had scheduled, I thought as I had a good week at work I would go all out with him to try as a team to break as many records as possible.   The best part of it was the help we both got from the TDs and Players in achieving what was achieved as nothing is possible without this help.  The worst part was trying to stay awake for 48 hours (I nearly made it).  It feels remarkable to achieve this feat and again not possible to do without help from everyone.   Not sure when I will try again.   I suppose when I get another easy week at work I’ll give it another go.  The next day – all I did was catch up on my sleep lmao.”  


Drury was unavailable for comment according to his publicist.  We think he was still catching up on sleep.


Criby had decided to dedicate this week of tourneys to one of our players maine_kgb_13 who is facing some tough health challenges right now - it was an effort worthy of this competitive and tough player.


Criby admin couldn’t be prouder of our TDs and players – ELITE in every way! 

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