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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 50
April 2007
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Pinoy: Race Results -- The Martinsville Mayhem 500

Hello ELITERS! Max here with another post-race summary! Last night’s race, from Martinsville, VA, was a Full REG race to 500, and 20 drivers qualified!!

Start Time:  20:49 
Finish Time:  23:37 

The Winners

  • First place:  Noneed4games and Lisa_williams75…..SpeedBumps
  • Runners-up:  TDS and Rosie19511...TeamPenzoil
  • Semi-finalists:  Flowerchic65 and Fancydan55...BumpDrafters
  • Semi-finalists:  Angelsiluv54 and Sacrificialvirgin...CautionFlagAngels

The rest of the field in alphabetical order:

  • BlackFlag…..P_nuck_nut69 and Chewystuie
  • Muldowneysutton…..Bingoville and Foxydoniva
  • Slipperywhenwet…..Acecameltoe and Mei_mei_mei54
  • TakingTheCheckers…..Dpcorwin7 and Wren192003
  • WhiteFlag…..Burrop and Bethisapita
  • Winners…..Native_jr1 and Weasle592581

Thank you ELITERS for another great turnout!!  

The Next Race

THE TEXAS ROUNDUP 500 -- Saturday, April 14 @ 20:45.  The game is Full OBP (One Bid Pino) to 500 pts;  200 YEP Entry and 800 YEP Bonus.  Start qualifying ELITERS!!

Da Chief: "Hey Max...what do you mean by "Start qualifying?"
Max: Oh sorry Chief. Ya see, in NASCAR drivers have to qualify in order to race on the big day. At the scheduled time, cars take to the track one at a time. Drivers normally start from pit road and have less than one full lap to get up to speed. Once they cross the Start/Finish line, the drivers get the green flag. Then..."
Da Chief: "Get to the point Max!"
Max: "Uh right Chief. Then drivers get two laps to set their best time, taking the fastest of the two as their official NASCAR qualifying time. Only the top 43 cars to qualify will race. There's more to it than that, but that's the gist of it."
Da Chief: "Okay Max...so what does qualifying have to do with your NASCAR-themed tourneys in ELITERS? And make it quick."
Max: "Well ya gotta qualify for the NASCAR-themed tourneys too Chief. If you're a premium member and have 200 YEPs, have your team set up in time before registration closes, and your team is named after a racing term, You Qualify."
Da Chief: "Okay Max. Thank you for explaining that! Now please raise the Cone of Silence!"
Max: "But Chief, don't ya wanna buy a Premium Membership?"
Da Chief: "Max!!"

Submitted by Agent86, SrTD

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