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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 52
June 2007
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Brattiest Team in Eliters

You've wondered where all the BRATS came from?  Marie (xQueenBeeBratx) answers all our questions...

A month or so ago we hired our 2nd Brat to join the TD team. At this time we were asked if we could handle 2 brats in here. The reply to this was “Sure, of course we can, we are trying to become the Brattiest Team in Eliters." Not imagining that to go very far, the comments got back to the Team and that was it – they decided that we’d make it come true. 

A week or so went by and no one changed their ID, so someone had to get the ball rolling. With this, we thought it would be great to have a “Rename the HA” tourney – so that I did. Day came for the tourney and some very creative names appeared on that tourney page, some of which had me a bit worried at first. Well that did it, I was then named “xQueenBeeBratx" and the ball was rolling and one by one the TDs started becoming BRATs!

I asked each of the TDs that did in fact change or had BRAT in their ID to give you a brief summary of the how and/or why they chose their ID.

Sappy_Brat (aka the_way_we_were76) – “A couple years ago I changed my name in Eliters to "superaddictedpain". Some people called me PAIN or SUPER, but not Luxy, no way. She came up with my nickname "SAPPY" and every time I entered the Rock, she would holler SAPPYYYYYY, hence the id SAPPY_BRAT!”

DaBrattO2 (aka xJenxBratx) “The Reason I chose this ID was due to my first Eliters ID back in 2002 as DaSPADEbrat. I love Spades and I have been a Brat for years, so just found it a kewl name for myself and as close to my original name as I could get.”

TruckerBrat5 (aka Itrfive5) “To become one of the Brats on the Brattiest team.” – Most know that Paul drove a truck for a living – hence the “Trucker” part of his ID.

DaleJrBrat4eva (aka woo8fan) “I chose my Brat ID because I'm a huge fan of Dale Jr.  It was woo8fan…hence the 8 is the car he drives, but is leaving the team he is with now, and will lose the 8 car.  So to support him...dalejrbrat4eva.”

TruckersBrat5 (aka NASCARJunkie429) “ I wanted to be one of the Brats in the BRATTIEST league in Eliters.” – Many know that Lisa is wife of Paul who is our resident Truckerbrat – so rightfully so she’s TruckerSbrat – don’t forget the S in there!

ElitesKatBrat (still ElitesKatBrat) “I became a BRAT about 4 years ago when I hosted in Canay. We basically did the same thing we are doing here in Spady, we even had a Yahoo group.”

Miss_Brat_2you (aka MissMagicAltoona1502) Angelina hasn’t had a chance to respond yet but from her previous ID you can see she kept the Miss part – and from what I heard a player actually helped her get her ID since she couldn’t decide.

Now that you’ve met some of our BRATs – Let me tell you if you haven’t already heard – there are many misconceptions about the word “BRAT”. To our WONDERFUL Team it simply means Brave Respectful Awesome Talented, because that’s what each and every one of them are. It’s truly a blessing to be working with these fine people.  They do a wonderful job at keeping things going and never letting any challenge take them down. 

If you haven’t visited us to check out the new scenery in Yahoo Spades – you are missing out! We not only have became a BRAT Team, we also have a new room in which we have painted a new Orbital theme. Stop by and visit us in Ace’s Orbit, located in your nearest SpadY tourney calendar page and the Yahoo Spades Advanced section. We’d love to see ya here and if you need help learning the games, just give a TD a shout, they’ll be more than happy to help you or find someone to help you. Better yet – wanna join the TEAM of BRATs – Click the Become a TD link on Spady Main page!

Be watching for new and exciting things coming up in SpadY!   Maybe we can even get a few more TDs to become BRATs!

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