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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 52
June 2007
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League Spotlight - Cribbage Yahoo (CRIBY)

Cribbage is a fast-paced game that dates back to the 1600s and is attributed to Sir John Suckling – a renowned scoundrel, womanizer, poet and gamer... which just goes to show that this is a game for people who like to have fun.  Another interesting fact is that cribbage is the ONLY card game which you can play in an English pub for money.

Cribbage is traditionally played on a board with one or more rows of 61 holes with the objective being to score 121 points first by going around the board twice.  There are, of course, variations on this for those of us who like to kick it up a notch.  Yahoo! Cribbage supports both individual and team play.  Eliters Cribbage holds tournaments in both formats.

Our great TD team will offer you tourneys based on the following popular formats:

  • Regular: Match length 1, 2, or 3 games, with 61 or 121-point may be specified (1/61, 1/121, 2/61, 2/121 etc).
  • Lowball: First Player/Team to specified goal (121 or 61) loses.
  • Crazy 5s: 61 or 121 point game. Players/Teams are required to throw their 5's in the crib. 
  • 78s:  61 or 121 point game. Players/Teams are required to throw their 7s and 8s in the crib.
  • MM - Mixer Matches: Would only be used in either SRR or SE - round 1 1/61, round 2 1/121, round 3 2/61-  (additional rounds 1/121).
  • Switcheroo: 121 point game. Play game Lowball until first Player/Team reaches 61 pts. The Player/Team stands and switch seats and plays the game regular. The first Player/Team to reach 121 first wins.
  • Poker Crib: 2/61 point game. 1 x 1 player game only. If the game ties at 1 win each, the last game will be the poker hand. The best poker hand will advance the player to the next round.
  • Tag Team Partners: 121 or 61 point game. 2 x 2 player game only. All 4 players play at a 1x1 table. The players alternate in the match as follows: the losing player in each hand/game stands, and his/her partner sits to continue play.
  • JJ - Jumping Jacks: 121 or 61 point game - Must be Unrated Table.  Regular cribbage rules EXCEPT anytime a JACK is cut players will SWITCH SEATS prior to playing the hand. 

Criby has a truly great group of TDs who take great pride in being part of the best team there is with (and they didn’t pay us to say this) the most awesome, friendly and helpful players.  By the way, new tds are always welcome!

  • Criby Admin consists of purcelin (HA) neogiant11 (AA) and sudburytaz (AA1), Akikkiz3 (DPA). 
  • The TD Staff consists of angelina35464 (lovely Canadian); blake4563 GL (a bus driver from the UK);  cajrn57 GL (official party girl from MA); captain_fantastic_1 (also hails from the UK and will be getting married this month); cat_man_2u (from NC who runs a website for a local rock band); criminally_insaneus (former HA and food guru); ocean_girltu (a Newfie and proud of it); shadow_laneman (our newest TD from Regina); theressahalbert (another Canadian, self taught chef who runs her own café and busy mom with a farmer husband and two dogs); viking_fan_josh (our youngest and craziest td); vt_spirit (recently moved to AZ and working on her golf when she has time); wildanngell TGL (wildest td); and bringing up the rear wonagametwice (also known as tech support).

If you'd like to give Criby a try, but are not sure how to play, you can contact any member of the Criby staff, and they'd be more than happy to help you get started.  The staff members are always eager to show new players how to play and explain the various formats. 

We love having special tourneys and occasions and you might want to try us for Friday Night Theme pards.

For more information on Criby or cribbage in general  refer to the following links (note some of these are non-Eliters sites and we are not responsible for their content):   Eliters Help Topic 3119; Yahoo Game rules and Strategy; and Learn, Play, Win Online Gaming Guide.

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