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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 54
August 2007
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And you thought you had problems...

Thanks to lawman20695 for his contribution...and making our households look normal by comparison..

In the ever odd place that is my life, I have to say this ranks near the top. Got home from work today and hit my usual routine. Our beagle starts howling on the rear deck(not unusual since rabbits feed on the clover in our field), so I step out on deck to hush em. He is looking up at the roof and just keeps on howling. I look up again just in time to see a duck fly off the roof and crashlands in our backyard pool.

Now the fun starts! The howling beagle accompanied by 2 other dogs and our puppy for good measure head down the stairs at full throttle straight towards pool. The duck in fear for its life takes off toward the deck. Beth freaks and runs towards sliding door. The duck lands near door and waddles on in. I see dogs spinning around and head back upstairs, I quickly dart inside and slide the door closed as they reach the top of the steps. The duck is now quacking and waddling through dining room towards the family room! Beth is still freaking out and opens the front door while heading towards the front yard. The duck without missing a step waddles out the front door just as it closes...

A piercing scream from my front yard sends the neighborhood to the street and as it turns out we were not the first house AFLAC (given name of duck) has visited. In fact, he's quite sociable - yesterday he attended a pool party two doors down. We figure that because of the recent drought the duck is using our pools as a home away from home...

So goes my very dull life......

Law.... (side still hurt) LMAO !.

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