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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 54
August 2007
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League Spotlight -- Snooker GameDesire (Snookd)

Snooker is a billiards game that is played by the English and can be played for skill records and championships. Snooker is a game that consists of 15 red balls and 6 colored balls.

The Game

The game consists of two players, in which play alternates between them after a player fails to make a ball or a foul is called. The game of Snooker can be very difficult or fairly easy. In GameDesire, there are no leading lines off the queue ball once the queue lead touches another ball. This can make the game interesting to play.

Each player starts off by shooting and pocketing at least one red ball before choosing a color of their choice to pocket next. Once a player chooses the color they want to pocket, they must hit their choice first and only make that colored ball. If this is done successfully, then play continues and repeats.

Snooker is generally won by a player obtaining the most points in the game. Point values are accrued by the balls in which the player pockets. Each red ball has a value of one point and the colors differ per color. In order of least point value to greatest: yellow, green, brown, blue, pink, and black. They increase in point value from two points to seven points respectively.

The Fouls

Fouls are called when a player does one or more of the following actions…
  • If the player fails to hit a red ball first or pockets a color ball in their first shot.
  • If a player pockets a red and then chooses a color of their choice and fails to hit the color first
  • If any combination of colored balls is pocketed at the same time in ANY shot.
  • You fail to hit any ball on the table.

If you foul, points are given to the opponent in different increments based on the foul. Fouls can range from four points to seven points. Most of the general fouls are a set value of four points. The increased points for a foul happen when a player selects a colored ball (other than red) to pocket and fouls.

The Tourneys

The Snooker team offers the following tournament formats for the pleasure of our players:

  • Regular – Play continues on the table until all the balls on the table have been pocketed. The player with the highest point value after all have been pocketed wins the match.
  • FTS (First to Score) – Play continues on the table until one player reaches the specified point total. These are generally 30, 40, and 50 point games.
  • BTC (Bank the Color) – Our newest game in Snooker! This game is where the color ball that the player chooses must be banked before being pocketed, and is played to a FTS point total.
  • High Break – This game is played like a regular tourney with the exception of the person with the highest break (or point streak) wins the game.
  • WB 15 or 30 (Win By) – This game is played just like a regular tourney but the player with the highest point total must be greater than the other player based on the tourney format.

Team Tourneys are played in Snooker! Since there is no option for a player to stand and another sit, they are played as a best 2 out of 3. This is where each player must play a full game and then the other player plays their game. The team that wins two matches first advances to the next round.

The Team

Snooker is lead by the HA, ItsGreg01 (Greg – Denver, CO), and AA, clayneliter (Will). The TD team consists of bosshogg (Gordon – GL), cloverleaf (Alli - SrTD), greenman569 (George – SrTD – Lundom), SusqCoBabe (Evie – PSTD – New Milford, PA), ebayingmykids (Alice – PSTD – Lorain, Ohio), and efren9reyes9 (George - PSTD). Without a team working so closely together, Snooker would be nowhere near where it is at today. This team works together every day to make sure that all players enjoy their time here.

If you want to come out and try Snooker, we are here for you. Feel free to contact any of the staff in Snooker and they'll be happy to help you out. One thing, don't get discouraged if you come in and aren't able to play all that well. You've got to practice practice practice in order to get better at this great game of Snooker! Have fun and enjoy learning a new game or advancing your skills! For more information about Snooker, please feel free to look at our main page or click on the Help Topic Link listed below.

Snookd Help Topic 3369

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