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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 54
August 2007
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My Life with Cancer by andypigeon70

We've all enjoyed getting to know Andy (andypigeon70), first in Cribp and then all over the leagues.  Now we have a chance to hear his story... in his own words.   And we have a chance to celebrate his great news with him. 

"It all began, back in Sept 2006. I had an itch on my collar bone and as a normal reaction, went to scratch it. As I began to scratch but when I placed my hand there, I noticed two lumps. I called my family practitioner’s office and made an appointment. When I went to see her, she looked at them, felt them and said to me “We all have lumps everywhere” and passed it off. Being I don’t like going to the doctor’s often, I took her word for it.

Five days later, I had a fever, chills, sweats and ill feeling. I took Tylenol continuously for five days to try to alleviate my fever. Finally, figuring something was wrong; I went to the local walk in clinic in my home town. The physician on duty informed me that I could have a serious problem. He sent me for blood work, an Ultrasound, and chest X-ray. He called me back to the office where he explained that the lumps are my lymph nodes that are swollen. Lymph nodes are a big part of the immune system. He explained to me that there were two reasons for the swelling, one being infection and the other being cancer. He then sent me to see a Thoracic surgeon. The surgeon explained to me that he would have to slice open my armpit to remove one of my infected lymph nodes.   The surgery was then set for Dec 18, 2006 -- one week before Christmas..." 

You can read the rest of the story by clicking the link at the end of this article.  Then join Andy and all of his friends at a Celebration Tourney in Cribp on Friday Aug 17th at 21:00, in celebration of finding out of his cancer being in remission.   (50 Yeps in....2000 BONUS!) 

"It will be hosted by a TD friend of mine Blakester5393… he wants to have an overload of players so lets see if we can break an attendance record. Cribbage is easy enough to learn.  I will not be playing but I will be in the lobby chatting with everyone. God Bless you all !"

Read the Full Story Here

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