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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 55
September 2007
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Want some YEPs?

YEPs (Your Elite Points) are what funds our gaming activities in Eliters.  We all want them, we all need them, and unless you are one of the few who have your own personal vault of YEPs, how we get them is important to all of us.  Eliters has instituted a number of programs to enable everyone to play as much as they want (and for some of us addicts, need) to play.

So how do we get YEPs?

When we join as guest members, each player is automatically given 500 YEPs upon registration.  We also have special Welcome Tourneys to enable new members in the leagues to accumulate additional YEPs.

Win Them

Top finishers in any Eliters hosted Tournament receive a % of the Tournament YEPs pot. All YEPs paid in entry fees are heaped into a pot, divided among the top finishers, the Tournament Director (TD) and the Administration (to fund more prizes).

Certain Tournaments will have Bonus YEPs donated by the hosting TD, of which 100% of the bonus pot is returned to the top finishers.  TDs voluntarily donate bonuses out of their pockets - just another measure of TDs generosity of spirit and commitment.

Premium Memberships

Buying or upgrading to Premium Membership results in additional Free 500 - 2500 YEPs as a subscription bonus.  Being a Premium Member has many advantages in addition to having access to more tourneys.  Some of these benefits include:

  • Daily Activity Bonus of 1-20 YEPs for every match played, in addition to the Subscription Bonus.
  • Extra Bonus Multipliers for the Activity, Referrals, and winning TOC and Olympics Events according to the level of membership.
  • Weekly Tourney Appreciation Bonus of 2 YEPs per Tourney (to be paid at the end of the week) for participation on 31 or more tourneys.
  • Double the Prize YEPs from the Gold Box

Special Events

You may earn YEPs in special Events in each league; such as:

  • Monthly Tournament of Champions (TOC)
  • Monthly Players Appreciation Tourneys (PAT) for Premium members who have played more than 24 tourneys in the preceding month
  • Monthly Decathlon Tourneys (open to Guest and Premium members)
  • Monthly Olympics
  • Monthly Marathons (open to Guest and Premium members)
  • Monthly Battle of Sexes (BOS) 
  • Monthly Eliters International Championship (ELIC) (open to Guest and Premium members)

Special Occasion Programs

Eliters celebrates special occasions with very generous prizes:

Free Refill Program

All Members (Guest or Premium), may get extra YEPs FREE if they run out of YEPs (Maximum Balance of 100 YEPs). The number of allowed Free Refills and the Value of each Refill depend on the Membership Level as follows:

  • Guest 500 YEPs once.
  • Silver 1000 YEPs once.
  • Gold 500 YEPs once every 3 months.
  • Platinum and Diamond (Subscriptions 3 Months and over) 1000 YEPs once every 3 months. 

Referral Program

Promote Eliters and earn YEPs:

  • 25 YEPs for every friend who registers in Eliters and wins the first Match.
  • 150 YEPs as soon as your friend buys a Premium Membership.

Earn Them by Hosting

Become a Tournament Director (TD) and start earning YEPs on every Tourney you host. 

But never ever beg for them!

More Details on YEPs and how to get them

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