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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 56
October 2007
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Do you have what it takes to be a Tournament Director?

  • Do you enjoy teamwork and making sure that others have a good time?
  • Do you have a sense of humor?
  • Do you want to give back to the league and continue a proud tradition?
  • Could you use more YEPs and cash?
  • Do you have the time to host a minimum number of tourneys per week?

Then you might want to consider becoming a td.  It truly is a rewarding experience and a lot of fun.  You would be part of a highly professional team - with opportunities available in every league and playsite supported by Elite.  We will provide whatever training you need, it just takes a little time and effort and there will be someone to support you as you go through the process.  

The benefits of hosting:

  • Tourney Share
    • YEPs Tourneys: 10% of the pot, Plus 2% of the pot if you are a Team Leader.
    • Mini Tourneys: 5% of the pot.
  • Bonuses
    • Performance Bonuses paid by the HA
    • 10% of the Marathon Day Bonus Pot, for the TD hosting the highest number of tourneys during the marathon.
    • 10% of the Marathon Day Bonus Pot, for the TD hosting the tourney with the highest number of Players during the marathon.
  • Weekly Cash Performance Bonuses:
    • Number of Tourneys: 3 Cents for every Tourney Hosted above 30 Tourneys.
    • Total Fees Generated: 7 Cents for every 1000 YEPs of Fees Generated above 15000 YEPs.
    • Average Players: 7 Cents for every 1 Player above 12 Average Players (Minimum 8 Tourneys).
  • Gold Plus TDs Weekly Bonuses, based on the Total TD Tourney Share on YEPs Tourneys generated during the week, as follows:
    • Gold: 10%
    • Platinum: 25%
    • Diamond: 50%
  • Other Bonuses
    • The TD of the month will be awarded 1000 YEPs Bonus.
    • Super TDs (completing 1000 Elite Tourneys) will get a Super TD Star, and will be awarded 1000 YEPs at the begining of the following month.
    • Super TDs completing 3000 and 5000 Elite Tourneys will be awarded 1000 YEPs at the begining of the following month.

You play a critical role in providing fun and entertainment.

Just click on the "Become a TD" tab on your tourney page, its as easy as that.  276 of us can't be wrong!

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