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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 56
October 2007
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Ginmaster333 returning from Iraq

During my free time in Iraq, the little that we got, I had the opportunity to play spades and texas holdem with my friends.  I also had the chance to contact my wife and kids to see how life was back in the states.
I would have to say I missed my family the most espacially my baby daughter grow.   I intend to spend the first few weeks getting to know my baby who was only 2 weeks old when I last saw her.  I also intend on catching up on everything I missed over the past 15 months. 
I would like to to see how the kids did in the first half of school and sports this year and see my baby take her first steps.  Knowing that I had a wife and kids to make it home to because they need there father to watch them grow.  And that I always have a friend online to talk to among all my Eliter family.
I would have to say the T-Bone steak and shrimp we had every Friday was by far the best meal.   The first thing I plan on doing when I get back on US soil is to take the wife and kids to a nice resturant (Texas Roadhouse) and enjoy a nice American meal.  My wife makes a wonderful Lasagana (but she has only made it for me once in 4 years).
I would like to say as an American Soldier I would like to thank everyone who has supported us through this war.  We are doing good things in Iraq, don't believe every thing you see on TV.  We have made some major improvments in a country that has been torn in two for nearly 30 years.  The locals are finally coming around and fighting the terriosts and helping by turning over information on those who plant IEDs and harm our soldiers. 
I would also like to add let us not forget the close friends many of us have lost during this war I personally lost 4 of my close friends on April 1st 2007.  I keep their families in my prayers every day and remember what every soldier has fought for to make the world a better place for our children and grandchildren.
God Bless America
SPC Culler, Ernest

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