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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 56
October 2007
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Nascar comes to Pinochle Yahoo (Pinoy)

Last year there were a couple of tournaments held in Pinochle in honor of the NASCAR theme for all the fans, but this year Agent86 has picked up the checkered flag and raced with it.

He started hosting weekly NASCAR themed races this past February to coincide with the NASCAR season. This years NASCAR 2007 season has been a great success. Many players look forward to the tournaments every week. All tournaments are player select and are all full games to 500, with all game formats.

Everyone is asked to adhere to the NASCAR Theme in naming their team after something NASCAR or racing term. Everyone is always more than willing to comply. Not only are these very successful tournaments Agent makes them great fun. While hosting he has been able to change all this TD spam to fitting NASCAR terms to include table warnings, and rules. All players also keep with the sprit of the NASCAR theme when playing by keeping their conversations in racing lingo. We also learn a bit about each of the racetracks they are racing on that week because Agent provides us with track facts.

Here are some clips from previous races:

“Due to miscommunications between the driver of car #5 and their crew chief, the game between Don’t_Be_Petty and WinnersCircle ended with WinnersCircle advancing to the next leg of the race.”

Blue eyes (after race): Thanks for the race Agent. Vrrroooom my car hit the wall and now I'm outttt. *Cough*...was more like my car didn't start with that score. Wouldn't have been bad but the 2nd and 3rd corners were killers.... hit the wall and they left us in the dust.

Foxydoniva: We were so slow our sponsors quit. We'll just keep going round and round the ole track, wondering where did it all go.

Cat: P I think we got a hold of some bad gas. Next pit stop let’s tell them guys to put better gas in the tank.
Mu4dge: lol

Blue Eyes (from garage area): Umm Agent, is it out of the question to have the subs waxxing my car?

Bingo (from garage area): “Agent, we ran out of gas after the first lap.”
Bingo: “Actually, Crispy had donuts at pitstop and my p was headed there.”
Just a few minutes later:
Bingo: “I’m collecting bees; putting them in everyone’s car next month.”

After the race, Darkangel of Team Putt_puts accused her partner, Wren, of driving so bad. Wren replied "Hey now." At this point NASCAR officials told the two of them "No arguing on the track." They replied "We're not on the track.... we’ve just pitted."

“Technical difficulties befell the host (yeah me...can you believe it?) during the race and he was booted from the track. Several players were quick to note this on the tourney page:

Silver: "Yellow flag! TD went poof!" 
Heaven: "All drivers pull over! TD crashed!" 

As you can see everyone had a great time at the races with these NASCAR themed tournaments. Everyone shows up ready to race and win. Every race has a post race summary in the club. Wander over and read them they provide great entertainment.

Plans for the 2008 season are Agent is working on a points system for teams as they finish the races through out the season, and for the top 12 finishing teams to be invited to a special invitational tournament with a nice 1000 yeps bonus.

Come join us in Pinochle for the next checker flag. Races are held every Saturday at 2045 EST during the NASCAR season Feb-Nov (except marathon week). If you do not know how to play pinochle swing by the lobby, there are many Eliters there willing to teach you to play. All we ask is that you come prepared to have a racing good time. 

Dpcorwin, track reporter

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