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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 56
October 2007
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Marathon Changes

Over the past few years, we've continuously tinkered with the Marathon Event to provide more freedom to the leagues in scheduling, provide more opportunities to the members for bonuses, and to try to make it easer to recruit new players... one of the goals of the event.

Up to now, only certain leagues were eligible to host the Marathon Event - based on general activity of the league and the ability to preschedule a 24-hour event. In some leagues, this worked well. However, other leagues have temporary struggles. Instead of keeping leagues from attempting this event or cancelling at the last minute if they had scheduling problems, we've decided to allow the leagues more freedom to make this a great event for the players.

We have a new change to announce - effective immediately.   All leagues with an active TD base will now be eligible to run a Marathon. These are great recruiting opportunities, and we want to see our leagues succeed. Depending on the league, these Marathons will run anywhere from 12 - 24 continuous hours. The league Admins know the rules for their particular league and will schedule their day appropriately.

So, you will start seeing some leagues offer 12-hour, 16-hour events, or 20-hour events. And some will stick to the traditional 24-hour event. If you see some events with slight holes in the schedule - come to the room anyway. We will have some leagues use SFTD assistance, and these tourneys can be created up to 30 min in advance of the start time.

How will you know the length of each Marathon?

Each Friday, the Events Director posts a general announcement of that weekend's Marathons. We will start including the span of each Marathon event in the announcement.   (If no time span is listed, it will be a regular 24-hour event.)   We'll also ask leagues to announce the span of their event when they promote it in their specific clubs.

Will the Prizes still be the same?

Yes! Nothing changes with the event prizes. Since they are currently based on the number of tourneys the league offers and the number of members who come play, we'll keep the prizes the same. The more tourneys and players involved, the higher the prizes will be.

Come support Marathons in your favorite games. Come learn some new games along the way! At 25-YEPs a tourney, what do you have to lose?

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