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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 56
October 2007
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People Updates

Well never let it be said that life is dull in Elite. 

redman7301 announced his propsal to sattfire in the Giny club on the 20th September as follows:  "i geoff aka redman have asked aka sattfire to marry me and she has accepted."   We wish the happy couple a long, happy, contented marriage.   Hopefully more details to follow.  I believe they are registering for the gifts at the Elite online store (ok I stole that from bogey420us - it was too good a comment to pass up).

We are all grateful for the recovery of two of our Pinoy players - anewday48 who has had her own personal miracle; gartenzwerg2004p had to undergo total knee replacement.  She is recovering well from her surgery and will hopefully be back at the tables soon.

On a sad note, uaintrightuno's dad passed to a better, healthier place at 4:20 am on Sept 11th.  Mikey and his family are in our hearts and prayers - it was his time and even though it was expected, it is still a time of great sorrow.

jantrip12 was admitted to hospital on the  5th September.  Canadergurl posted the following:

"just want to let all of eliters know that my mom is currently in the hospital due to some heart complications. She's had some heart palpatations for a couple of years now, and the last few months she has had more trouble than usual.

On Tuesday she went to the doctors to get a heart monitor, and even though she felt fine, her heart was beating over 200, when a normal heart beat is at 80. She was forced to go to emergency, and unfortunately is still stuck there in a cubicle because the hospital doesn't have any rooms available.

Her heart has gone down to anywhere between 110 and 160, but she is being monitored as that is still far too high. She's had many x-rays and ulter sounds, and they can't yet find the problem. Forunately, her heart as no damage to it. She probably won't be allowed home until they get this under control, because eventually her heart could give out and she could have a stroke. So they are trying different medications and hoping they can solve this soon.

I just thought I would let everyone know how she is doing because eliters is like a second family to the both of us, even though she'll kick me for posting this."

Jan is doing much better and hopefully taking care of herself!

littletinman73 and his wife went for medical treatment at a facility in Philadelphia - and came back with the best news possible - they are both cancer free and will only be needing regular check-ups.  Miracles can and do happen.  Unfortunately, his dad just suffered a heart attack so please keep him in your prayers.

BadBoy239 (rick) had a heart attack back in June. Evie posted that in September, he had a Stress Test done and we found out that he had an attack in the past which he didn't know about. Also, the blood flow was 46% and the doctor's like it to be in the upper 50 to lower 60 percentile.

A couple of weeks ago, he had an Echo done and the blood flow went down 2% to 44%. So now he has to undergo more tests. He has to go to the hospital on October 12 (tentative) to get dye shot into his veins to see what the problem is. It could be a blood clot or worse.  Please keep him in your prayers too.

Ga_Munk_A_Dunk has asked for support - her sister was admitted for emergency surgery -and appears to be an abcess associated with Crohn's disease.

wildanngell's mom was admitted to hospital with a hairline fracture to her pelvis.

We are definitely in need of some good news folks, send it over!

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