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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 56
October 2007
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Eliters Gathering in Sudbury

-- Story by e911callagain

On the 8th September, a bunch of Eliters had a get together in Sudbury, Ont. People in attendance were:

andypigeon70 -- Andre -- Sudbury, Ontario
germie3 -- Germaine -- Sudbury, Ontario
e911callagain -- Erin -- Sanford, Florida
Friskers4 -- Carol -- Sudbury, Ontario (Hubby, Jim, was there too)
arivest1 -- Angele -- Sudbury, Ontario
sam42sask -- Sam -- Sudbury, Onatrio
grampseliter -- Harold -- Indianapolis, Indiana
walker2740 -- Lou (Lory's widower)-- Sudbury, Ontario
hazyjagss -- Julia -- Indianapolis, Indiana
jdking502004 -- John "Mr Eliter" -- South Plymouth, New York
mamacanplaytoo -- Maude -- South Plymouth, New York
dilemma2234 -- Leslie -- Port Hope,Ontario
scarbozz -- Mike -- Scarborough, Ontario
wildangell -- Wanda -- Sudbury, Ontario
sudburytaz -- Joe -- Sudbury, Ontario

Dinner was served at Germie's party room in her apartment complex. Main course was provided by andypigeon70 and prepared by Germie.  Cakes were made by Germie also. OMG were they awesome. I love that woman. Two salads were prepared by Arivest1 (Angele) and Friskers4 (Carol). They were extremely yummy too!! Wine was provided by walker2740 (Lou, Lory's widower).
Due to the temperature and inability to smoke in the party room, walker2740 (Lou) graciously offered up his home and we all moved to that location. After a period of everyone chatting and consuming beverages of all types, card playing began.
A great time was had by all.  The Eliters of Sudbury were very gracious hosts to all of us who came to visit. No one needed to stay in a hotel. The only thing those of us from the US are disappointed about is that those Sudbury folks have all of us Americans addicted to Timmies (Tim Horton's coffee). WE WANT OUR TIMMIES NOW!!
We all decided that another gathering should occur sometime next year. Thank you to everyone in Sudbury who made all of us out of towners feel so welcomed!! We really enjoyed ourselves!!

Check out the photos of the Event

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