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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 56
October 2007
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EDS 101 - What You Always Wanted to Know About EDS But Were Afraid to Ask

Each month ChouetteLady, our EDS Director, will offer information on a topic of interest to our Eliters Division System (EDS) Players.   

This Month - Finding your opponent and scheduling your matches

As soon as the Period is started, instructions are emailed to each player, as well posted as in each participating league club.  Set your "Availability" to your normal play time every day to assist players in locating you.

Eliters Messenger on each Division page is used to schedule matches with your opponents.   Check the Division page at least once a day to see messages left for you by the DPA (Division Period Administrator) or your opponents.  Contact your opponents with a specific playtime within your opponents' suggested times, or offer them alternate play times.  Respond to their attempts to contact you so they'll know when to be available. 

When you make an attempt to play you must offer your opponent a time/day that you will be here to play, you must ensure that the time you have suggested gives at least 24 hours notice to your opponent from when you post the attempt; this will ensure that your opponent has time to respond to your suggested day/time to play.

Visit the league room often to try to find your opponents as they wait for tourneys or finish other division matches. 

Use Yahoo Messenger to add all opponents to your buddy list. Have your Messenger on "Available" whenever you are online, so you may be contacted by the other Players in your Division.  This contact method can't be used to justify a Win Claim, but it's still a good way to find if your opponents are online when you come to play.

Setting Vacation Status will let your opponents know if you are unable to play in a given period.  Players posting a message in the EM on the division page saying they are out for the entire period will be exempt from any Win Claims, provided no matches were played and the message is posted within the first 5 days of the period.   It is also recommended that the player changes their Availability to "Vacation".   If the player cannot post a message in EM prior to their departure, they must email the DPA and the DPA will post the message.

Stay tuned to this section next month for another great tip!

Join EDS in your favorite league today!

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