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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 57
November 2007
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Luxy is Time Challenged

x0xLuxyx0x asked players to let her know what time it was for them...  well she got some great responses:

Redneck Time Zone - contributed by wonagametwice

  • corter past leven is lunch time
  • breffast is served at the crack of dawn (coincidentally served by dawn too)
  • fixin means in a minute
  • gettin ready to means fixin
  • later means anytime between now and next week
  • half past the hour means Andy Griffith is on
  • top of the hour means wildest police videos is on
  • friday night at the movies is at the top of the hour when bubba is starring on wildest police videos
  • the train passes precisely at about 10:53 a.m., but only when your wife is nagging at you to get her to her hur appointment on time
  • the tornado siren sounds when the dentist is ready to see you (redneck joke, gotta watch the news to understand)
  • midnight is anytime between dinner and breffast and is the best time to catfish with chicken livers
  • noon is sometime around 12, 1 or 2
  • a.m means after midnight, p.m. means pre midnight
  • when the big hand is on the 4 it means that big joe is riding the tractor

i hope this helps your time translations...but just don't forget.....  give us a yell soon, does not really mean yell at us!

South African Time Zones - contributed by purcelin

Brekfis: Ouma's beskuit and tea/coffee at home
Brekfis out: Limp bacon, overcooked eggs, greasy baked beans


  • Highveld noon - get the pepper spray and waltz to wimpy bar for some boerewors rolls
  • Durban noon - get the pepper spray and amble over to the bazaar for some roti
  • Capey noon - forget the food, get the pepper spray and check out the women


  • Who cares about time - depends which innings or half it is in whatever game is going


  • now now - when I good and darnwell feel like it - if ever
  • jis now - sometime soon


  • Night: The animals are awake and feeding - on you if need be. Time to sit around the fire and share some braaivleis and wine.
  • Day: Its too hot for anything to be moving, including you - go back and have a nap
  • Dawn and Sunset - everything comes alive, and tries to stay alive - you too we hope.

Belgian Time Zone - contributed by whistvl

ok you asked me to be nice so here's my answer : I am 1 hour ahead of UK, 6 hours ahead of EST and 9 hours ahead of CA.  Since you asked us to give our time only I don't tell you what Robbie's time is !! :-)

Lowell Time Zones - contributed by lowellonmeds2 

  • half past: swoosh, a feeling you have of wind flashing by your face...luxy yelling at me, i gotta run
  • quarter past: I need some yeps, because my yeps account is a thing of the PAST; so I'm bumming quarters in lobby
  • Quarter Of:  I have 15 minutes to play, I'm at LIBRARY, hurry!
  • Quarter After: Lowell comes into room after signing up for T and is late about this time and freaks because they sat a SUB...sigh
  • Lil hand on the 12: time to nill
  • Lil hand on any other Number: Time to nill
  • Late at night: time Lowell usually comes and starts playing good, after all Eliters are gone to bed
  • A long Time: since Ive joined Eliters and had winning as a priority
  • A really Long Time: since I've been keeping score
  • A really really Long Time: since I've seen CCiameria and Sunny and Miller sigh
  • Ancient History: When Bear started playing Eliters
  • Pre Cambrian Era: Time In which Lowell invented spades, was good player and made a DN
  • Neolithic Era: When everyone hear was playing Hearts
  • Forever: The time it takes for someone besides me to make a table
  • Early in Morning: Pretty much the ONLY time Lowell plays really quietly

Bet she is sorry she asked.

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