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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 58
December 2007
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Message from Darkwolf1966

Hello All,

Where do I even begin, you guys have no ideal how much the Pinoy special tourney in my honor meant to me.

I guess I should first start with a very big thank you to sanitationman_34, thank you my friend for warming the dark oneís heart and making me very proud to be a member of Eliters Pinochle Yahoo. But I canít end the thanks there, 21 others joined me in playing and celebrating my accomplishment.   So thank to you; agent86_04, anewday48, angelsiluv54, bombiex420, catnap4755, catzandogzfour, crispy1007, Damsel719, Dollar4Eighty, elmwoodplebis, foxydoniva, indiana_chic71, kariolson1973, lesfish1, lvannbill, midpark68, missy_f_27, p_nuck_nut69, pushthattrumpbud, scpo82, and tuffer12000.

Secondly I want to say a personal thank you, to Indiana_chic71. Who some how over all these years and illness has stayed constantly by my side always sacrificing her own goals and dreams to make sure my basic needs could be filled. You have given so much of your self to make me a better person and for that no thank you or gift can ever repay you. Know that you will always be in my heart and soul, and I give you that very special gentle kiss on the forehead that says not only that I love you but that for ever and a day I will be yours. Ok enough of that stuff cause I donít want too start tearing up. (You real men know that my lawyer suggest I add that in case of a possible divorce in the future.)

Now for all those who donít know and I was getting quite a few questions. This is the condensed version. For a while I was HA of Pinoy and I hope I did ok. But then one day Diabetes reared its evil head, I had gained a few pounds and added weight plus other things caused me to go into a diabetic coma. I did come out of it in a day but had ended up losing most the feeling and use of my legs. I started to gain even more weight, health wise I was always sick, had trouble staying awake or even sitting for any length of time. Finally I had to step down. I had also reached a weight of 585 lbs. My Doctor gave me a choice I either lost weight or I died, simply put. I look at my kids and wife and knew I was not ready for that. That was in December of 2004, although weight loss surgery was my best option, my Doctors, Family, Diabetic and Weight loss Surgeon were very concerned about my weight and health they were afraid if I had the surgery I would not survive it. They wanted me to lose 100lbs then they would ok the surgery. For 2 long years I struggled with a diet and what exercises I could do from a wheelchair.

Finally in November of 2006 I had lost the 100 lbs. On January 2, 2007 I weight in at 467lbs and that day changed the rest of my life. I had Roux - En - Y Gastric Bypass surgery. Shortly after that my health not only started to improve I was taken of Blood pressure Medicines. Most of my Insulin and all diabetic oral medicines, and all the other prescriptions I had been on most of my life. I also got out of my chair and walked not just to the bathroom but still having to pause in that 10 foot walk, but long walks lasting 30 minutes. If you are morbidly obese I strongly suggest that you look into this option. Since January 2, 2007 I have reached 298lbs, I have lost more then most weigh, since January I have lost 169lbs and all together I have lost 287lbs, and yes I am very proud of that. So now you too know most of the story, there is more but itís hard to talk about being trapped in your own body and not being able to do the most basic things for yourself.

So Now to close this book, again I thank all of you who kept me in Prayers, talked to me personally, sent me emails of encouragement, or sent those same messages with Chic to tell me, you know who you are and I could never list you all here. You all have meant the world to me. Oh here we go another personal note, thank you Issa Nasser for the great gift of Eliters.

Jeffery Caldwell
The dark one, the great 0z.

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