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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 58
December 2007
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Raffle News

We have had a lot of raffle activity this month.  Did you win a prize?

Raffle 44

  • Grand Prize Winner:  eliteskatbrat
  • 2nd Prize Winner:  Gumshoe_Steve  (thud!)
  • Other Prize Winners:  govikings7472, inewfie1, sappybrat76, agent86_04, omacando2001, MsMich44, stupidisback99, omacando2001, oopsthereitizzz, sappybrat76

We then announced the 8th Anniversary Present #3 - 88 YEP ticket prices, Cash Prizes, and more YEPs.  Raffles 45-47 each sold out the same day they opened. 

Raffle 45

  • Grand Prize Winner:  debbienelite
  • 2nd Prize Winner:  efren9reyes9
  • Other Prize Winners:  trubble73, govikings7472, ginmaster333, NUCK_MASTER, sappybrat76, SerendipityFr0g, Dreamy_ize, lisaleasah, omacando2001, nfltitan

Raffle 46

  • Grand Prize Winner:  hershey4799
  • 2nd Prize Winner:  Jessyhtm
  • Other Prize Winners:  x0xLuxyx0x, oopsthereitizzz, redsoxgurl829, robin1902, eliteskatbrat, overseer371, e911callagain, MastaEliter85, ge0rgette2, sappybrat76

Raffle 47

  • Grand Prize Winner:  bbshot56
  • 2nd Prize Winner:  boomereliter
  • Other Prize Winners:  Jessyhtm, desires_no1, nfltitan, omacando2001, watertower_man1, robin1902, MooseJunky99, lawman20695, patriots1049, kimnd470

Who will be our next Raffle winners?  Stay tuned and buy your tickets before they are all snatched up!

For more Raffle Mania click here

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