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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 58
December 2007
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Dear Santa

I know you get a lot of letters asking you to send them money, expensive items, and toys (of course lots of toys). Well, I have been given it alot of thought this year as to what I would really, really, really want for Christmas this year.
As you know, my favorite book is The NeverEnding Story by Michael Ende. As you also know, I collect leather bound first editions and have some even signed by the author. I have ALWAYS wanted to have a leather bound edition of The NeverEnding Story, preferably the EXACT one depicted in the 1984 movie...you know the one with the Auryn on its front and back outside covers. I have searched and searched and searched all over the Internet and even contacted leather bound book publishers in an attempt to acquire the exact book found in the movie. Despite my efforts, I have been unable to find this book, although someone on Pogo had claimed that they owned a copy of the book in the movie. It would really mean alot for me to finally own a copy of this book as it appeared in the 1984 movie. I know you know the one I mean so I shall leave out all the details of the book specifications.
Also, I would really like to visit Fantasia and be part of The NeverEnding Story. I want to see my friends Bastian and Atreyu in Fantasia. I have known them for years but I would really like to meet them both and the Childlike Empress in person. I would also like a flight on Falcor (you do know how much I love to fly), the Luck Dragon. It would even be all that much better if my Eliters friends could come too. I know this is alot to ask, but I know that you can do very amazing things...afterall, you ARE Santa!
I know this is ALOT to ask of you, but like I said this would really mean ALOT to me. I have always loved books and have come to consider them and the characters in them to be some of my most dearest and treasured friends. But if that is not enough, I really feel that Bastian and I are linked in some very special way. It as if the book was really written about me but the character changed to a boy (alas, I am a girl). I have always felt like Bastian, the boy that needed a friend and found a world that needed a hero in a land beyond imagination. I know alot of people who have read The NeverEnding Story also feel as I do but this really has been something I have ALWAYS wanted from when I first saw the movie and read the book.
I could have asked you for something ALOT easier, but Fantasia is where my heart is, and I feel that my Eliters friends would know me much better if they could come with me and visit Fantasia. If you give this to my as my present this year, you will make me one of the happiest people there is in this world, and I would do all I could to inspire the gift of reading in children and to help them to enter the magical world of Fantasia.
Hugs and Kisses,

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