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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 58
December 2007
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Dear Mr. Claus

I know most people call you Santa, but as my mamma always taught me, to call my elders by Mr. or Mrs. Well Santa, I know my little rug rats will make sure they get their own letter to youÖ.so this one is just for me.

I know most start of by telling you what they want but if you donít mind Iím gonna start off by telling you what I want for others.

Santa you know how they say patience is a virtue, well could you please have them there people at your local friendly stores have a little more patience when dealing with us while we are trying to shop for our loved ones during this holiday season. I mean finding some of these things is really a hard task. Take for instance my daughter wants a pair of them there baby phat boots, now why in the world she wants a pair of phat boots for a baby I donít know, but I do know she has been really good this year so Iím sure she has some good intentions in mind. And my son, well he is looking for something from that there pac sun place, now this is a really hard one Santa cause we donít get much sun this time of year. Donít know why he couldnít ask for this back in the summer time. Santa I would really appreciate it if you could take all of them there politicians that are in that race for President and some how put them all into one person, I think we could find a Great President.

Now for me, I really donít need a lot, but there is just one thing that comes to mind. I have this there Ford Taurus that has not been fixed since last Christmas, and I just love this car. And you know how they say that most country boys work well with cars, well guess I got one of them there boys that donít cause my car is still sitting out there not fixed. My country boy likes to go out an play them cops and robbers. So I just have one request. Could you please talk to them there people of that tv show OverHaulin. I mean the way they pimp out some of them there vehicles amazes me. I just love the show and just want to have the opportunity to say, IíVE BEEN OVERHAULED.

Santa I have been very good this year. I have 2 families, one here at home and one on the internet. My family here knows I love them. I have cooked and cleaned, bought them what they liked and wanted. I have been there with them through all the hard times we have faced this year and pray that I can spend another year with them. Now as for my other family them there ElitersÖwell what most of them donít know is that I love them, so if you could just let each and every one of them know. I have learned a whole lot from this family and prolly still have a lot more to learn. Take for Instance that Lux person, she has really taught me some things I like: such as recipes , thwapping people, and the best thing she loves for me to say is: OlivesÖOMG I LOVE OLIVES. So of course I try to keep her entertained on a daily basis by saying that for her. And that there Gumshoe person, well he has taught me a thing or two also. Like it donít matter what I say, he has the last word. So of course since I respect my elders I listen to that last word. And to all my Elf TDís that I work with, well I try my best to listen to what they have to say and make sure that I am there when they need me.

Well Mr. Claus thatís all I can think of right now, I hope you have a safe and happy trip this year and remember to wear your sleigh belt.

Happy Holidays and I Love You All,

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