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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 58
December 2007
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Dear Santa

I really hope you are staying nice and warm at the North pole.  I know how cold weather can be especially being from Snowy cold Bflo, New York.  You know as a kid I always believed in you even whether other kids didn't because no matter what u always managed to sneak a little something under the tree that I really wanted.  Here is my wish list for xmas this year.
As you know since i was a mere teenager of 16 I have always wanted a LEATHER jacket.. You know the one with the Harley patch... and maybe a few choice band patches like quiet riot, def leppard, motley crue.. .You know the good bands from the 80's..  I am however a few sizes bigger now that I am a momma.. so u may wanna get me at least a XXL so I can wear it now.. instead of a large from back then. LOL
My next wish.. Believe it or not is a few more yeps... You know.. I spend a lot of my free time with my friends from ELITERS... would love to have a couple more so I can enjoy more laughs and tears with the friends that have become my family.  I know most of the time I give them away by losing.. but somedays.. losing is more fun then winning!  If possible could you also give a couple of them friends a couple YEPs too.. You know the ones.. the ones that no matter what.. when I send out a hero call.. They come running :)  They are just too good to me sometimes. I would also love for all my ELITERs friends to know what a GREAT team we have in Canay.. they work so hard.. and I hope my team gets everything they wish for for christmas
My last wish is for my children.... I truly want them to have a great holiday this year... Tater tot would love more Ds Lite games.. and Dman is all into tools now.. typical man.. wants all the power tools.. not sure what a 7 year old (almost 8 as he tells me) is gonna do with a power screwdriver or hammer.. and to tell the truth.. not sure I wanna know what he is gonna do with them.
Well that is it for my rambling...
I promise to be like motel 6 and leave the light on for you.. and not forget you cookies and milk
All my love and belief
trubble 73

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