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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 59
January 2008
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People Updates

vt_spirit is a proud grandma:

It is wonderful to have the ** little tank** with us for Christmas...couldn't think of a better Christmas Present I would want. He is so precious

Aidan Michael arrived in the world 12/11/07 @ 2:21pm, weighing in at a mere 9lb. 10oz. and 21 3/4 in long, and a full head of jet black hair to match his length.

Mom and Baby are both doing fine !

sappybrat76 posted the following on 12/13:

my mom went to hospital today to have angioplasty done in her leg arteries and stents put in, they found out she had major blockages in her legs, so they stopped the surgery, since there was high risk of injuring her arteries...she goes back into the hospital on monday to have bypass done on her leg arteries..she will be on respirator for 2 days and in hospital for week, maybe more, she has lung disease and there are chances she won't pull through this surgery...prayers are needed from my friends and eliters family...will let you all know somehow how she is doing...thanks

update posted 12/18:

mom's surgery went well...they were expecting her to be on respirator for 3 days, but she surprised all the doctors and is breathing on her own! We might get lucky now and she might be home in time for christmas. Thank you to all the eliters that prayed for her and our family.



My dad was in the hospital with bladder problems. They had to remove many blood clots and found a tumor, which they will biopsy. He has already had prostate cancer, and my grandmother past away from cancer of stomach, liver & pancreas. So all prayers are welcomed and appreciated.

cutiepie19ca2002 lost a very dear friend in a tragic car accident on 12/17 when the car she was traveling in was hit by a truck in a severe snowstorm.  Her boyfriend was also killed and the driver is still fighting for his life.   Her friend was only 26 years old and leaves a little daughter behind. 

foxydoniva underwent surgery on the 21st December to remove a brain tumor.  p_nuck_nut69 spoke to her sister at the time who said that she had shown some improvement.  The doctors were able to remove what they hope is the entire tumor. Although it appeared that it could be malignant, the Mayo Clinic will verify and report back after Christmas.

Congratulations to devilineuchre11 and angelwingz5526 who finally tied the knot!  We wish you both all the happiness in the world.

Speaking of happy couples - we heard a rumor that efren9reyes9 and qalaxy77 have hooked up!  Keep us posted on how things are going.  (See what Eliters can do!)

We would also like to congratulate  darkwolf1966 on his lifesaving decision to undergo gastric bypass surgery a year ago.  In that time he has lost 180 lbs and started a new healthy life.  You are an inspiration to all of us and we hope you continue to flourish.

Elitersdrew will be traveling with two math professors and two math students to San Diego during January to attend the American Math Association conference. Drew wrote an essay and got accepted for this very prestigious event.  WTG. 

pistonfvr2 is waiting to have heart surgery - please keep him in your prayers.

sweeeeeetness is about to give birth to Jordan Scott any well... hour now.  We wish her an easy birth (9 lb+ baby so good luck on that) and a very healthy son!

If you have any news you wish to share with us, please just send it over to me at news@eliters.com.  We really do care and want to know what is going on in your lives. 

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