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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 59
January 2008
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8th Anniversary Celebrations

January 2008 marks Eliters 8th Anniversary!  We started celebrating early in November because there just isn't enough time for all the partying we intend to do!   Presents 1-7 expire soon, so take advantage while you can! 

Present #8 will be announced later this month.

Just a review of all the presents:

Present #1 -- Increased Subscription Bonus for Gold, Platinum and Diamond members -- Purchase a new or renewed Gold, Platinum or Diamond membership for yourself or a friend between November 18, 2007, and January 12, 2008, and get more Entry YEPs in return!   More Information Here

Present #2 -- Tourney Appreciation Bonuses Doubled -- Beginning Sunday, November 25, 2007, and running through Saturday, January 12, 2008, all Premium members will get Double the Tourney Appreciation Bonuses.   More Information Here

Present #3 -- 8th Anniversary Raffle -- Well - we have never seen raffle tickets fly out the window so fast - we offered 8 Raffles in total (each with Cash Prizes).

Present #4 -- Two Player Appreciation Tourney Chances -- In January, eligible Eliters leagues will offer 2 Player Appreciation Tourneys (PAT)!  Each qualified Player may play in both Tourneys, and they will be held in alternating times each week. To qualify, you must be a Premium Member and have played at least 24 tourneys in a given league to be invited to that league's PAT tourney.  Go ahead and start planning your strategy now!  The January PAT will be hosted on January 11th, and January 18th. 

Present #5 -- 8th Anniversary Surprise YEPs --  This Surprise YEPs Program runs from Sunday December 9, 2007 to Saturday January 12, 2008.  Each Surprise Prize will be 50 to 500 YEPs (bonus multipliers applied for Premium Memberships). The prizes will be randomly spread over the day, with a minimum of 25 prizes per day. If you win, you will get an email, allowing you to claim the prize instantly.  

As of the 31st December we paid out 382 surprises, totaling 119,950 YEPs, including 21 Gold Box and Spinners Jackpots of 2500 YEPs each.  Unfortunately, there were still 81 unclaimed wins - so please make sure that you check your email (sender Admin@eliters.com) and ensure that we have your current email address. 

Present #6 -- Reduced YEPs Prices -- Purchase YEPs for yourself or a friend between December 16, 2007, and January 12, 2008, and get more YEPs for your money! 

Present #7  -- Gold Box and Spinners Super Jackpot -- This Surprise Super Jackpot will run daily from Sunday December 23, 2007 to Saturday January 12, 2008. Each Surprise Prize will be 2500 YEPs. The prizes will be randomly selected. If you win, you will get an email, allowing you to claim the prize instantly.

Present #8 -- BIG January Surprise - Stay tuned!

Thank you for supporting Eliters!

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