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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 59
January 2008
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YEPs Program Changes

The new year brings changes to our YEPs program.

Reduced YEP Prices

First introduced as a present for the Eliters 8th Anniversary, we are making this change permanent.   Purchase YEPs for yourself or a friend and get more YEPs for your money! The more you buy, the more you'll get in return.

  • Spend $1 - get 150 YEPs
  • Spend $5 - get 875 YEPs (at a rate of 175 YEPs per $1)
  • Spend $10 - get 2000 YEPs (at a rate of 200 YEPS per $1)

YEPs Free Refill

First introduced in August 2007, we are adding to the benefits for Guest members who convert to a Silver membership.   If you are a Guest or Premium Member, and you run out of YEPs (Maximum Balance of 100 YEPs), you may Get Extra YEPs Free.

The number of allowed Free Refills and the Value of each Refill depend on the Membership Level as follows:

  • Guest 500 YEPs once
  • Silver 1000 YEPs once
  • Gold 500 YEPs once every 3 months
  • Platinum and Diamond 1000 YEPs once every 3 months

(New!) If a Guest gets the Extra Free YEPs Refill and then Upgrades to Silver, the member will be eligible for one more Refill as a Silver Member.

For more information, refer to
Help Topic 1503.

YEPs Redemption Rates for Premium Memberships

With the reduction of the YEPs purchase Prices, as well as the increase of Free Refills, we will increase the YEPs Redemption Rates to buy Premium Memberships as follows (effective January 13th, 2008). The US$ cost has not changed.

  • Silver $10.00 (6500 YEPs)
  • Gold 6M $19.95 (13000 YEPs)
  • Gold 12M $29.95 (19500 YEPs)
  • Platinum 3M $33.95 (22100 YEPs)
  • Platinum 6M $49.95 (32500 YEPs)
  • Platinum 12M $89.95 (58500 YEPs)
  • Diamond 3M $65.95 (42900 YEPs)
  • Diamond 6M $99.95 (65000 YEPs)
  • Diamond 12M $179.95 (117000 YEPs)

(New!) Active TDs during the last 3 months will be eligible for 10% Discount.

Premium Membership Bonus

Any Premium Member (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond) buying an additional Silver Membership, will get the Entry Bonus YEPs for the new Membership, and will get a special Bonus of 800 YEPs for buying the additional Silver.

YEP Program change details

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