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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 6
October 2002
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The Great Minnesota Elite Get-Together

There was a GREAT time had by all that came to Minnesota on August 22, 2002. 16 Elite Members attended (askmequestion, treeball, gumshoe_steve, fork_liftguy, forkliftgal, nationalchamp, wannabe_achef, zerr0, starrfairrydust, sillysolie, frozenswede, beerme_bob, hun_ny_bunz, ragerman, Steve3364 and haha). What an INCREDIBLE group of people!!!

I am happy to announce that ALL 16 members won either silver or a gold membership and t-shirts were won by sillysolie, starrfairrydust, wannabe_achef, hun_ny_bunz.

  • Treeball won the FIRST Tourney and Nationalchamp won the LAST tourney (both 1/121).
  • Lowball Winner goes to Starrfairrydust.
  • Pards winners were Cheffie and Starrfairrydust.
  • Cheffie won high Stakes 1/121.
  • High Stakes RR winner was Hun_ny_Bunz.
  • Other two 1/121-tourney winners were Gumshoe_Steve and Beerme_Bob.
  • Euchre Challenge winners - Askmequestion and Cheffie over Haha and Gumshoe_Steve (I got set last hand when score was 9-9 - sorry Steve lol).

Multiple other challenges went on that were not recorded, but i must mention one (since it was the only tourey i won all night lol). Haha takes Gumshoe Steve in 25 Cent Challenge - woooooooooooooo hoooooooooooo!!!!!

Many more stories to tell and pics to see - just ask any that were there - was a great time by all!!! Can't wait to do it again (who wants to organize the next one? lol)

And last but not least, a HUGE THANK YOU to our prize membership donors - Steve3364, Nationalchamp, Crispy1007 and EliteLeague!!!

Heidi (aka haha2105)

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