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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 60
February 2008
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People Updates

A very big congratulations to sweeeeeetness on the birth of her son Jordan Scott Rowlinson-Crag born on the 11th January 8:28 pm 8 lbs 8 oz.  May he flourish and bring both Amanda and big sister Katie great joy.

We are again asking you to keep angelina3564 and her mom in your prayers as they endure the heartache and tragedy of her mom's terminal cancer.  Angy still manages to host a tourney or two when she can find a few moments for herself between the hospital and work.  Our hearts go out to you from your Eliters family.

Update on martyparty_flyingzoo's travels:  I haven't finished my USA Eliters travel posts yet, but today i leave from phoenix back to blighty. I like to thank all the dear Eliters for having me.   I have had so much in Canada, USA and mexico and now the 4 months is over.  I loved my trip have wonderful memories forever to cherish, maybe i travel back soon.

cajrn57 and her husband will be joining marty in Belgium and Amsterdam for a tour of the sights and of course, meeting some Eliters.  A detailed write-up will be featured in our March newsletter.  And if you live in any of those areas - I recommend you use public transport for the next week or two as some seriously misguided and generous Eliter has offered them the use of his car...

Jan 30th  - why wona missed his tourneys... Very bad storms in the area, delayed in getting home, then had to deal with a small amount of flood damage and water control when I got home...not looking forward to seeing what my yard looks like tomorrow in daylight, one rock retaining wall collapsed for sure, a stump was in the middle of the culvert (that i am not sure where came from and hoping the rest of the tree isn't floating around the yard anywhere), neighbors yard being flooded by the runoff from the blockage of my yard, and a lot of mud slides (not looking forward to see where that came from either).

Again sorry, but "life comes at you fast", and water comes down a hill faster, lol  - wonagametwice

As you can tell folks, I am hurting for news fit to print, so I requested an inquiring minds contribution - this is what I got  (see that will teach you guys to respond in clubs)...

ok purce......I DIDNTDOIT this time.....lol its a first so you can put that in.....lol but that could change tonight.....lol - katyddit1234

Can we send you information on someone else? Does it have to be true? Is there a reward for the escapades of a certain long time member in a position of authority that has the letters L, I, S and A in her name? 
Just curious :) - Gumshoe_Steve   

...as long as u don't make up anything about me and my baby daddies i'm ok. lol - MoodyrBlue   

You can say anything ya want about me and my baby's daddy......it'll be fun to see what ya'll make up......lol -juliebayougal

I'm not one of the daddy's before anyone says anything !! i have never met the woman nor gone drinking with her or anything thing else !!! barry89741  

Ermm hmmm... Well tonight Jamie and Denise (my husband and daughter) decided to fight for 3 hours straight before shutting up and MAKING UP!!! About time, if ya ask me!!   But they STILL keep mumbling arguments to each other.. SIGHHHHHHHH - SerendipityFr0g  

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