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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 61
March 2008
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Eliters Games Challenge Badges

The Valentines Day Challenge was the first Leagues Challenge Badge where players who achieved 3 consecutive tourney wins in any specific league, for the period Feb 13 - 17th, would be awarded the highly coveted Love is in the Air Valentine Badge.

Congratulations to all of our Valentine Badge winners. We had 53 winners in 14 leagues in the 5 days of the challenge:

  • canay - blesusall, dolphins_are_nice2, fengca77
  • cribp - rickie770, worm78321, bri_cook002
  • criby - cuties_mom_jane, girl_wonder2002, perfect29_1
  • doy - CAShortie, gjyhsow456, kingdominoXL, murenaaaaaa, sogrloth4
  • euchy - hick_n_da_stix, jbailey4135, one_baddoggy, smitty8ball
  • giny - anyone4agame, blue_max42, cuties_mom_jane, elitesbestloser, gpatzik, jetpowr, juliebayougal, ladybyng33ca, relentless29, squeaky_nesbitt,  
  • lity - halahco2, noveece, relentless29, synchro111, word_warrior_5
  • pinoy - agent86_04, Dollar4Eighty, honeybro69, ronaldtolbert, sanitationman_34
  • pool9d - oopsthereitizzz
  • poolp - CatieR622, JediMasterOfPool, pennhillssoccer1,  
  • pooly - sharkman608
  • qwertyp - CatieR622, crispy1oo7, DMDesiderata, idostyling1, queenchynadol
  • spady - juliebayougal, krahi61, lawman20695, ll3rain, tink_the_jinx

The following members earned badges in more than one league. Nice work!

  • cuties_mom_jane - Criby and Giny
  • juliebayougal - Giny and Spady
  • CatieR622 - Poolp and Qwertyp

cuties_mom_jane -I was excited to see I had gotten the Valentines Day badge and more so in 2 Eliters leagues. I tried for crib one day and I believe gin the next.  It was fun to play with something to gain if you should win 3 tournaments in a row! (and didn't hurt my rating either.lol )

juliebayougal: In Giny I actually didn't realize I was close to getting the badge until the last tourney, which was a tag team tourney....then I kinda "threatened" my partner that we had better win so I could get my badge....and we won the tourney........In Spady I didn't know I had actually won it until it was posted...So I guess you can say I wasn't really trying for the badge at all in Spady......it just happened...lol

For more information on this Challenge Click here

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