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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 61
March 2008
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Yahoo bans

Contributed by wonagametwice

There have been several posts from Eliters that stated "spam at your own risk."

The pairings, rules, etc. on the tourney pages were modified in an effort to cut down on the amount of spamming in general, and suggested that some of these items not be spammed at all as they will show on the pairings page.

As a TGL, I have completely stopped training on using a spam software program and strongly discourage anyone using them at this point.

Now, if you want to be daring like I can be, go ahead and use them, lol....to date, I have not been banned except purposely in a secondary lounge with no players in it spamming blank lines to see how mad Yahoo was at me! It took 8 lines to ban me. What I didn't realize was that when it bans you - it bans all of your aliases too...oops.

I still have a couple of favorite spams I am daringly using, but all you will see from me IF I get banned is a name change post as we have all been warned.

I did see however that a couple of our beautiful Eliters got banned possibly from just typing in the lounge...you got me on that one, lol except maybe if you are the only one typing and you submit so many lines of text in a limited amount of time.

I do know from reading posts that there are various other ways to get banned such as entering/exiting tables too frequently, trying to log back in to Yahoo too many times or too quickly, etc.

Yahoo isn't going to do anything about it. They don't have to. It is their site, and we are just merely players. Just because we are the absolutely best league on the internet doesn't give Eliters any priorities at Yahoo or probably any game site that we play at with exception to the special rooms that GameDesire gives us. Their views are most likely that if we don't want to play....good, it will free up their servers for others.

Just my thoughts, be careful spamming out there, we need ya in the lobbies!!!

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