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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 62
April 2008
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People Updates

purplepoohgirl shares the story of her engagement!

Derek and I got engaged Wednesday, March 12, 2008. We met when I was in nursing school...he is from Fargo, ND and I'm in Bemidji, MN. I went to school 90 miles from here where some of us drove from my town and others would drive from Fargo, ND...we would get together in groups to study and take turns at each other's houses. One of the girls I studied with set us up...she wouldn't stop saying "I just haaad to meet her boyfriend's friend who was single." We've been dating for a year and half now, and are planning to get married in my hometown of Bemidji, MN in October 2009.

Congratulations and the best of luck to you both.

The Story Of My Daughter Laura....Updated!  3/13, contributed by Gissa

I am so proud to announce that my daughter gave birth to baby Henry at 13:12pm today weighing 8 pounds 12 ounces! I am now a grandfather! I am so proud of her. Since I first wrote about her when she was 18 weeks pregnant she has been so brave, her injections continued until 33 weeks during which time that damn cyst kept growing and growing. For the last 3 months she has been in severe pain from it, but refused to take painkillers for the sake of the baby.  She has hardly been able to sleep because of the pain but held out till today for her planned caesarian and cyst removal. Her poor stomach looked huge by the end and they took one gallon of fluid from the cyst before removing it! Unfortunately they could not save the ovary or tube that the cyst was attached to, but she still has the other 1 which is a relief. I really don't know how she got through the last year, I am very proud of her!

More People Updates

The severe weather storms around the country have caused a lot of havoc in the lives of some of our members.  Who would ever have thought that a tornado would hit Atlanta?  Akikkiz3 and her husband were flooded out of their relatively new house during the recent storms in Missouri.  Fortunately the animals were on  higher ground and came through the ordeal unscathed.  If anyone is in the mood to help remove 5" of water and debris from a home, just head on over to Poplar Bluff.

dmjalaska  reported the following on her son's surgery on the 31st:  Hi Eliters...today was a long day at the hospital with the surgery. Everything went well in the operating room and they got the tumor without incident. Chris is now in the ICU and being watched closely because his blood pressure is out of control and his breathing is very rapid. Doctor said this is because of the area of the brain they worked on so he will be in ICU for awhile longer. He is cranky so I know he is okay.
Thanks for your continued prayers....We appreciate them

flowerchic65 received some good news:  It seems my stress test was a false negative. Had chest pains all weekend. Cardiologist made me go to ER again and said if all tests came out negative I could go home. Nothing came out negative, it seems I had a heart attack sometime over the weekend. I had a cath done then an angioplasty & they found a blood clot had made a 95% blockage in my right coronary artery. They placed a stent on Tuesday, and I am now home doing very well, as a matter of fact i feel better than I have in a long time. Thank you everyone for your prayers. Dr says I should heal just fine since i am only 42.

Please keep those members who are going through rough times in their lives in your prayers -  uthinkunome48, moodyrBlue, angelina35464 to name just a few. 

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