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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 62
April 2008
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Force Forfeiting

~ Contributed by x0xluxyx0x

This as a refresher to those that were not here or do not remember back some 4+ years ago when there were issues with players joining Rated tourneys and end up getting a bit fussy when they were on the losing end and just leaving the table during the middle of the game or just prior to the end. When this happened most times there was no way for the remaining player(s) to see their way out of the table.

Give it that most players do not care about the Yahoo points side of playing rated, but some do and thats why they choose to play in Rated tourneys. With this problem of people leaving tables before the game was completed, the "ALLOW FORCE FORFIET" was added to the Help topics to be checked during game play. Most players have no issue with this as it is only a setting and RARELY used but if the TD asks you to recreate a table to leave this on, please do so as it is in the Help Topics.

They are NOT asking you to do this to be a pain in your hiney or any other extremity you may think of. They are not asking for their health. They are not asking to prolong your game or time spent in the tourney/match. They are asking because they are wanting to ensure you that you gain the win expected when joining if the tables are in your favor and a player decides to show poor sportsmanship and leave your team/game hanging.

IF you are waiting on a timer and the box comes up to "Force Forfeit, Cancel or Wait" - ALWAYS let the box sit until the player returns OR click WAIT. NEVER click Force Forfeit without explicit TD instruction to do so.

Hopefully this will end the battle of the ones choosing to argue with the TD over whether or not it is in the rules or if they morally don't feel it is right to make the table this way. It's in the Help Topics and has been there for a long time now.  This is not a new rule.

Thanks for your help with this matter as we continue to make ELITERS the BEST!

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