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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 63
May 2008
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Moneybookers comes to Town!

As you all know we ran into a problem with PayPal being unable to distinguish a gaming site from a gambling site.  Paypal, as you may be aware, is part of Ebay and is geared towards easy transactions for auctions or certain services.  After considerable research, we were able to find a different provider in Moneybookers - one of the pre-eminent payment processors on the internet and one that accommodates our world-wide gaming community far better than PayPal ever did.

With Moneybookers, the following payments options are offered:

  • Direct/instant payments via:
    • Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Dinners, Carta Si (Italy), Euro 600, 4B
    • Debit Cards: Maestro, Carte Bleue (France), Laser (Ireland), Solo (Finland, Sweden), Netelis (China) You will find the logo attached.
  • Bank wire transfers and payments from the Moneybookers wallet of the customer, and they have local banks in more than 30 countries

It is also easy to use for recurring payments and have expanded our Premium Membership program with the following options (available when purchasing through Moneybookers!):

  • 3-Month Gold at $8.95 Quarterly 
  • 1-Month Platinum at $9.95 Monthly  
  • 1-Month Diamond at $18.95 Monthly

These subscriptions will have all the Regular Premium Membership Benefits, except the YEPs Entry Bonus.   This method is great for those Members who wish to pay low amounts monthly for their Membership and don't want to worry about when to renew their subscription, and have enough YEPs in their accounts.

Getting started with Moneybookers - Depending on how you set up your access to transfer money into your account, you might need access to your cell phone as you are setting up your account.  Otherwise you'll just go through the usual verification process with a single credit card transaction.  It is a really easy and convenient method of payment.  Just follow the instructions and if you need any information from them - simply contact them through their website.  They respond within 24 hours (as opposed to PayPal's 48 hours if you are lucky - been there done that with both).

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