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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 63
May 2008
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Mysteries Unveiled... doing things the easy way!

Screen Captures

Anyone can do them!  You really don't need a special program to do them - any word processing application will work - but it helps if you use something that is commonly available like Microsoft Word.  Step by step instructions can be found in the Help Topic on Screen Captures.  Remember that if anyone has an issue that needs to be addressed, a screen cap is essential.  A picture is worth a thousand words.

Pictures or images

At the top of the page when you press the "Post Message link" you'll find a link to the Pictures Album.   If you wish to add an image or a picture, please send a .gif or .jpg picture to elitersfinance@yahoo.com.

If the picture is to be used as Icon, the size should be below 1KB, and 20x20 Pixels. If it is to be added to the Pictures Library to be used in club posts, the size should be below 10KB and 120x120 Pixels.

Also, in order to add any picture to our Eliters Icons or Pictures Library, we should have the source of the pictures and a confirmation that they are not copyright protected or the copyright license.

Club Posts

  • Keep them simple, keep them interesting, keep them fun, keep them positive
  • Avoid all caps, funky fonts, links to external websites
  • Remember copyright laws apply
  • Post in the appropriate club
  • Inappropriate messages will be removed (personal attacks, racism, sexism, nastiness)
  • Add graphics sparingly from the Picture Album

Use Email

For any official communications, suggestions, complaints, and compliments!  Communicating with a TD or Admin via instant messenger may be quick and easy but it is very difficult to handle multiple IMs while hosting particularly if there is a problem.  Don't assume that the TD isn't doing anything about it - TDs will always try to handle matters discreetly.  Emails are easier to review when there is more time available. 


First check your Eliters profile to see which badges you have earned (there is a special BADGE tab).  Then simply select the Default and league badges you want using the Edit My Profile Link on the Profile Page and don't forget to UPDATE profile.

Then go watch for announcements of new Badges and go get them.

Phishing and how to avoid it!

This is becoming increasingly common place where you innocently click on a link and then find yourself hacked. 

Rule #1 - DON'T CLICK OR REPLY TO A LINK from an unknown source (especially those sent via instant messenger.  For more information on Phishing and how to avoid it.

There is a wealth of information available on the Eliters site - look around, you never know what you could find helpful.

Check out the HELP Topics

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