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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 63
May 2008
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People Updates

Some of you know that webbwoodbratt (aka sudburytaz aka joe)  had to return to the  U.S. so that he can meet immigration requirements before becoming a permanent resident in Canada.  After a 15 hour busride he landed up in Vermont feeling ill but attributed it to exhaustion.  Turns out it was far more serious than that - Joe landed up in hospital where he discovered that his only kidney was no longer functional and had to be put on dialysis and may eventually need a transplant.  Joe is now out of the hospital - both he and Wanda appreciate your support and friendship, and of course, calls are appreciated.

dmjalaska (Diane)  returned to her family in Spokane for a long-awaited visit.  The very first night her mom said she wasn't feeling too well - luckily dmj recognized the first signs of a heart attack, gave her mom aspirin and called 911.  She was taken to hospital and into surgery.  Unfortunately while dmj was waiting for her mom to recover, her son started hemorrhaging again.  Both Mom and son are now doing well.  Diane is a chef who disappears into the wild every summer so we should see her back online sometime in November. 

Speaking of Alaska - we were shocked to learn that Sun_Shine_Alaska who lives in Juneau had been deeply impacted by a massive avalanche that struck April 16th wiping out the city's source of hydroelectric power and causing severe damage throughout Juneau.  Sunny's son's apartment was wiped out - fortunately he was at work.  They were declared a disaster area and FEMA was on its way.  The long term impact is just as disastrous - it is expected that electricity bills are likely increase 500%  (yup five hundred percent that is no typo).  The really strange part about all of this - not a word about this disaster made its way to the general news - despite the fact that Juneau is the capital of Alaska. 

Our old friend prplbass53  recently posted the following message:   (we miss you bass!)

I bet everyone was wondering what happened to me? I was admitted into the hospital in late March and was Diagnosed with a Terminal Illness! I am currently residing in an Assisted Living Facilty. I do not have access to the Internet or a computer but I would like to wish everyone the best!

We were sad to learn of the passing of two Eliters recently - tuffer and instagator and shared in the passing of diamond4460's sister recently.  Our prayers are with the families and friends. 

Now for some good news!

Peppperette's daughter Katie made it safely to Rwanda and is having an incredible experience doing something positive for people who have survived genocide, terrible living conditions, hunger, disease, you name it - and yet believe that tomorrow holds hope and have made the volunteers so welcome with an incredible generosity of spirit. 

Congratulations to Pohlmans3 (see interview) who won his second term as Mayor of Plymouth, WI recently! 

Congratulations to superss6 who became a grandfather for the 8th time!  His son bddscs1 and his wife celebrated the birth of their first child on the 22nd April at 2:57 am.  7 lbs 12 oz, 19 inches little girl with a shock of black  hair and beautiful blue eyes. 

Our celebrated actor and movie-maker rg101_ca will be releasing a new movie soon.  This is a tribute to his mother who passed away last year after struggling with Alzheimers.  Check out his profile for the link and information about when the movie will be available online.  or more information on rg101_ca 's movie click here.

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