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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 63
May 2008
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If you need YEPs - how do you get them?

Well the first and best option is - WIN THEM

Another option is to EARN THEM! As a tournament director you get:

  • Tourney Share 
    • YEPs Tourneys: 10% of the pot, Plus 2% of the pot if you are a Team Leader. 
    • Mini Tourneys: 5% of the pot. 
  • Bonuses 
    • Performance Bonuses paid by the HA 
    • 10% of the Marathon Day Bonus Pot, for the TD hosting the highest number of tourneys during the marathon. 
    • 10% of the Marathon Day Bonus Pot, for the TD hosting the tourney with the highest number of Players during the marathon. 
  • Weekly Cash Performance Bonuses: 
    • Number of Tourneys: 3 Cents for every Tourney Hosted above 30 Tourneys. 
    • Total Fees Generated: 7 Cents for every 1000 YEPs of Fees Generated above 15000 YEPs. 
    • Average Players: 7 Cents for every 1 Player above 12 Average Players (Minimum 8 Tourneys). 
  • Gold Plus TDs Weekly Bonuses, based on the Total TD Tourney Share on YEPs generated during the week, as follows: 
    • Gold: 10% , Platinum: 25% , Diamond: 50% 

Ok so maybe you tried the above, and still need YEPs (Heck, I know I do!) - well the answer is only a few clicks away! 

  • In order to purchase YEPs or Premium membership -  use the Premium screen or simply click on this  Link to purchasing YEPs or Premium Membership.
  • You now have the ability to purchase Memberships or various increments of YEPs using either Worldpay or Moneybookers.  Worldpay is a simple credit card transaction and takes effect almost immediately, as does Moneybookers once your account is set up.  (It really is easy!).
  • Gold Memberships can be set up on a Quarterly basis and recur automatically.
  • Platinum and Diamond Memberships can be set up on a Monthly basis and recur automatically.
  • Individual YEPs packages (from 1000-5000 YEPs) can be purchased separately.

So whether you choose to purchase YEPs directly or through buying a Premium Membership, it can be done with relative ease and speed.

Why Premium?

Buying or upgrading to Premium Membership results in additional Free 500 - 2500 YEPs as a subscription bonus.  Being a Premium Member has many advantages in addition to having access to more tourneys.  Some of these benefits include:

For more information on what it takes to be a TD

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