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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 63
May 2008
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Spring Fling Badge Winners

Congratulations to the following Eliters (112) who earned the Spring Fling Badge:

  • Bowlp: albertsantiagojr, Drewbear1212, gwwnj, mikescubsP, Rnett1P, rodgsherrp
  • Canay: fengca77, ginmaster333, happygolucky21901, pestescricciola, ris0319
  • Cribp: boogity829, FStarlite425, inewfie1, kittykattigger88, newfienic
  • Criby: angelina35464, barry89741, bearinglady64804, bricook002, coolhutchy, crafty12514, crbbndt, diamond4460, grahamlyons2000, highhopes2win, lastcamp2,  my76elci, ocean_girltu, perfect29_1, purcelin, rg101_ca, rick_usmc_ret, roberth243, ryry232333, schnozzin, sea55102
  • Dop: trbl964
  • Doy: kingdominoXL, paperchasetheman
  • Euchp: Chrisx7796, haledavnang5, HunnyBunnnsPly69, iggy4u3, islandgirl531, squeakylplayer, unclerob78
  • Euchy: BeachPatV, debzgame, girl_wonder2002, jbailey4135, lindsayjo1501, lynx0977, nottobadlol, one_baddoggy, uofmnsigmachi, witchy_poo2u
  • Giny: anyone4agame, blake4563, cammie_ace2005, chrisarrowsmith4, deefornc, dkelly19702000, DQBaby530to2, ginmaster333, Kazjoy64, morvweb, relentless29, smprn1, squeaky_nesbitt, StillDontKnowAlot, want112, yepmuncher
  • Hearty: madgirl_uk1
  • Lity: leowoman034, snickers_6277, tinkerbellie84, word_warrior_1
  • Pinoy: drsally3, egg_rancher, love_animals2008, msloweroxx, native_jr1, p_nuck_nut69, softnlacy57, vdp19472000
  • Pool9d: cdsinagain1, dragonzhearttd, efren9reyes9, jeffkhg1, JennS6I4, MoodyrBlue, rick_n_famous, SusqCoBabe, TurboTim555, uthinkunome48
  • Poolp: dizzypixiee, pennhillssoccer1
  • Qwertyp: beachgoddess629, bluis1272, boonekj2, DMDesiderata, prexie91, s10blazzer, sprtcrdsah
  • Snookd: bosshogg
  • Spady: beckpaul34, homercat67, lawman2112uscp, peppperettte, SpadyLady02, trinity_smiles

Full Badge Standings

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