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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 63
May 2008
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Hotties' Crown Badge Winners

Congratulations to the following Eliters (41) who earned the Hotties' Crown Badge.

          angelwingz5526 aunt8g6b beancounter1244
          beckpaul34 boogity829 boomereliter
          crafty12514 drsally3 haha2105
          idostyling1 inewfie1 jbailey4135
          JTRuss klstile lawman2112uscp
          MoodyrBlue my3angels693 narrfest
          newfienic omacando2001 one_baddoggy
          PatsFan4AK pennhillssoccer1 Playball33
          qalaxy77 richjb54 rick_n_famous
          ris0319 SirIvanhoe2 SpadyLady02
          Specialist_Canada springbyu SusqCoBabe
          sweety5931 TheNewJediOrder TOPWATER95945
          TurboTim555 Wsavedwretch xspadezdevilx
          xthetank2masterx yepmuncher

          Full Badge Standings

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