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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 64
June 2008
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A Quick and Easy Guide to the Eliters Organization

Ever wondered who does what behind the scenes to make all of this happen?  Here is a very simplified guide (trust me it takes an awful lot more than anyone would guess to manage and continually improve this league).

President - balouza - He is the one that worries about well... everything.  And the one who makes it all possible.  Issa started Eliters way back in January 2000.  At the time he had a great deal of experience with poorly managed leagues with terrible systems and knew he could create something infinitely better.  And he has.

VP Member Relations - gumshoe_steve  (aka the members dude).  Steve has the pleasure of handling all membership issues.  If you have a problem - contact Steve.  If you have something nice to say, contact Steve.  If you just want to play golf, contact Steve.

Steve has the following directors reporting to him:

  • Clubs - golfinmimi4
  • Staff Relations - golfinmimi4
  • Training - nono_not_me_nl
  • Rules - tenor12bucks

VP Leagues - lisaleasah - she is responsible for the growth and performance of all leagues across the three game sites (Yahoo, Pogo, GameDesire).  No mean feat!

The respective league directors are:

  • Yahoo Leagues - lisaleasah (acting) 
  • Pogo Leagues - XzWickedKittyzx
  • GameDesire Leagues - SusqCoBabe
  • Special Forces - e911callagain

VP Marketing - lisaleasah  - she ensures that all Eliters long term growth and strategic plans are implemented and functional.   She is also responsible for overseeing the following directors:

  • EDS/ELIC - Chouettelady
  • Events - wonagametwice
  • Promotions - wonagametwice
  • Newsletter - purcelin

VP Systems - LebWeb - Systems Genius!

  • Data Analysis - Silverywingz
  • Many invisible system designers behind the scenes

VP Finance - BlooPansy - the money lady 

Please remember that it is always best to follow the chain of command if you need to contact us.  Please always first contact the HA of whichever league is involved.  You can find the admin email links on the respective league page. 

All Emails sent or copied to Eliters corporate staff before being sent first to the League Admin will be forwarded to the appropriate people. 

How to contact us

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